Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blog Treasure? Hunt!

For those of you who are readers, and I know I've got some kindred spirits out there, I just have to share with you about one of my favorite daily blog spots, Angela Hunt's A Life in Pages.

Angie -- oh, I feel like we're pals now! :-) -- is an incredible author of some fantastic books. She writes Christian fiction at its best - real, compelling, thought-provoking. You may have seen one of her books, The Note, as a Hallmark Channel movie in December. (I'm still crushed that I missed it since we don't have cable.)

Some of her other books are The Elevator, Doesn't She Look Natural?, Magdalene, A Time to Mend, The Novelist and many, many more award-winning books. Also among her books are The Heavenly Daze series, written with Lori Copeland. She wrote the companion novel of The Nativity Story movie. She also is the author that several folks have collaborated with to pen their autobiographies, such as Deanna Favre and Mandisa.

She updates her blog daily....sometimes just fun things from her life like the rest of us do. Other times, like the past few days, she highlights a book or a series she wrote and talk about the process she went through. Or she'll feature an author-friend's book with a guest appearance by that author. Also on her blog/website are discussion guides, writers' tips, info on all her books, etc. etc. It's a bibliophile's dream! (Hey, if I'm gonna hang out with authors, I gotta use vocabulary words! LOL)

She is fun and real, and she also just got her PhD in Theology! So drop by for a chat and tell her I sent you! (No, I'm not getting anything for it! Just love to share a good thing.)

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The Preacher's Wife said...

You are so famous.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, she has a great site. I am checking out the books, I do not write, but love to read:)

Mel's World said...

I love her books...thanks for the treasure!