Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cherish the Moment - Updated

Well, I hurriedly posted this yesterday afternoon before I got swamped with piano lessons and Powerpoint preparations for today's Bible Study. I didn't stop to think that it would appear to be such a serious, dedicated post that no one would comment on it.

It's not like dear sweet Beth has the time to go blog-visiting all of her Siestas. And even if she ever did, it wouldn't be 3 days before her daughter's wedding!

But the post on the LPM site was so touching about Keith and Beth heading off to take dancing lessons for the wedding that this sweet new song came to mind. Every day I hear men call in to KLOVE and request it, saying it makes them cry.

There's nothing sweeter to me than a big ol' hunk reduced to a puddle of tenderness by his baby girl. And oh, how quickly our sweet children grow.

The song is incredible, and the visuals in the background are so poignant.

So, even though they'll never see it, this is dedicated with love to Beth and Keith Moore and their daughter Melissa.

Steven Curtis Chapman singing his precious song "Cinderella."

And if I do say so myself, I was pretty proud that I figured out how to put a video like this on my post! A month ago I was doing good just to write the things! LOL

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Chris @ Come to the Table said...

I can't watch the video's of this song, because it totally causes me to loose my breath and sob uncontrolably!

Did you read the letter Beth wrote to her daughter in a post?

My oldest daughter has the song in her phone and dances around the room with it playing sometimes.

And you are right, they grow up so quickly!

Kelly said...

I love this song!