Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don't Try This at Home

Saturday night after my girl's All-Region concert, the Choir Director took the 12 kids who placed in the top 5 chairs of their sections to Benihana, the Japanese steakhouse. My man & our boy & I also went, intending to be at a different table, but crowding and timing put us all together at 2 large tables side by side.

Not sure which was more entertaining - watching the chefs prepare the food with all their culinary tricks, or watching the 7th & 8th graders (of which 10 were girls!) react!

Food was flying, fire was flaring, knives were banging, and the chef at one of our tables was so quick that one girl was convinced he really had peppered her Coke - didn't see him flip the shaker upside down first. Took her about 10 minutes to be convinced she could drink it.

Then he flipped the shrimp tails off the end of the spatula to land on top of his chef's toque. The kids all oohed, "That's so cool!!" His reply? "I know!"

Yep, he was a pretty impressive Japanese chef. . . . . except he wasn't. He was from Guatemala. But he explained his qualifications: "I'm from the west side!"

Yeah, that side of Guatemala is a LOT closer to Japan.

But I'm not gonna argue with a guy that plays with fire and razor-sharp knives.....

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As We Sail... said...

That sounds like fun, I've never been there and wish there was one in our area.
I've never been here either, nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, thanks. Now I'm craving Japanese food.


Natalie said...

I love those types of restaurants. I with you with the knife gets the last word!

Anonymous said...

The west side, what a hoot!! sounds like fun!! yeah, best not to argue with any one with a knife:)lol

Anonymous said...

Fun! I took my 8 yr old to a japanese restaurant like that a few weeks ago for the first time and now it's her favorite! I can't even imagine doing those things with a knife - I"m lucky I don't cut myself just sharpening one!