Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Musings

HEY GALS!! Hurry over to Vicki Courtney's Virtue Alert blog! (after you read mine! LOL!) She has a give-away going this week that just started today: spa products and a free book!

Ah, Monday. Usually it has the feel of "ugh, Monday" to it. But today it feels good to get our household back to normal.

My boy came home at the end of the day last Tuesday with chills and fever. The doctor confirmed Thursday that it was the flu. In spite of having had the vaccine.

Makes me want to run right out and buy a lottery ticket.

Apparently, this year's strain that is making the rounds is different from the one in the vaccine. Hence folks around our fair city are dropping like flies.

So we're all on Tamiflu, either for prevention or treatment.

Meanwhile, my girl has been bouncing off the walls. She had her first experience of trying out for All-Region Choir Saturday with others from her school choir.

She made it. And placed 2nd among the Altos.

On a normal day, I tell folks our kids are Eeyore and Tigger. Our boy is very staid and methodical and can definitely see the cloud in every silver lining. The girl, on the other hand, bounces through life full of vim and vigor. If I hadn't been there when they were born, I'd wonder if they were both mine.

This weekend, the difference was even more pronounced. She was barely able to contain her glee, and he was barely able to make it across the room.

But it's a new week. He went back to school today (although who knows how long it will take the cough to subside) and she floated back to school today.

And I wondered why I had a migraine after everyone left....

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need some cookies!

Congrats to your girl. Hope your son feels better soon. My son has had the same thing.

If we lived closer together, we would so be spending a day at the spa together!

Take care of yourself, friend.


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor dear, I remember those days well. take a hot bubble bath and RELAX:) take some time for you, I call it (me time):)

The Preacher's Wife said...

Hope you had a relaxing day...

Love your description of your kiddos..I think I have the whole Pooh cast going on here. :)


Natalie said...

There does seem to have a higher percentage to winning the lottery compared to protection against the flu...that made me laugh.