Thursday, May 22, 2008

Songs for My Blog Friends

My girl's school choir had their spring performance last week, called Follies. It was a Broadway musical revue and such fun. I love music (surprise, surprise!) and there were some cute songs I was not familiar with.

This one is for Linda in response to her first impressions post. (She and I have waaay too much in common!) I can definitely relate to this song. And I love the ending! (Although I have to brag that the guy from my girl's choir was even better than this one!)

This is a sweet song of friendship; the Girls Choir sang this as a group, and it was touching to see many of them reaching out and clasping hands while they sang it:

I just had to share that one, because you, my dear bloggy friends, have changed my life For Good!


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The Preacher's Wife said...

I just love that song...Those girls can flat out sing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE "Mr. Cellophane" - my favorite is John C. Reilly in "Chicago" the movie!

Linda said...

Oh, that was too good!