Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching My Breath

This afternoon I had a life-altering experience. Knowing it was coming didn't make it any less traumatic.

I walked outside, handed the keys to my boy, and got in the passenger side of my van.

I would say there's nothing like that, except I know the first time I hand the keys to him and he drives off alone will be even worse. But right now, we're just beginning the early-driving phase. My man had taken him out in a parking lot and the quietest part of our neighborhood last week while I was gone, so it wasn't his first time behind the wheel, just the first time in my van and with me. He did a great job.

I did pretty well myself. I was calm in my instructions, I only pressed "my" brake once, and I came back with all my fingernails.

Next time I might let him get all the way out of the driveway!

(Just kidding! We drove around for about 30 minutes.)

My girl and I got back last night after a l-o-n-g drive home from Lubbock. (These are the beautiful flowers my man had waiting to welcome me home.) She had a blast at Texas Tech's Orchestra Camp - nine hours of music per day was heavenly to her. She made second chair viola in the second orchestra and was one of only four students in the Advanced Theory elective (they took a placement test when they checked in Sunday afternoon) and the other three were Juniors and Seniors, so she was pretty pumped about that. She's already making plans to go back next year.

My orange-blooded Longhorn brother gave her much grief for being at Tech every day, but she can hold her own with him! They adore each other, and it was fun to watch my girl enjoy my big brother! We had a great time staying with them, playing the game they got us hooked on (known as Joker, Marble Pursuit, Cards & Marbles, & several other similar names!), eating good food, and enjoying the weather. Wow - the first 3 days I don't even think it hit 90. And even when it got over 100 at the end of the week, the low humidity made it so nice in the evenings and mornings. I had forgotten what a pleasant breeze feels light. (The low humidity did have a downside - my girl had three nosebleeds!)

Next year, though, she's staying in the dorm! Sharing a bed with her is not my idea of a restful week. One night I felt like I was playing volleyball - I'd push this hard round "ball" off of me (her head) and it would immediately come back over to my side of the net bed! It was literally by the grace of God that I didn't fall asleep driving home yesterday. Two Dr. Peppers, a coffee, and an energy bar barely phased me.

Good thing I got a nap this afternoon - this week will start off with a bang. My girl gets fitted for contacts tomorrow and my boy has his wisdom teeth removed Tuesday. We'll be taking a break from driving while he's recovering!

And if he has any pain pills left over, maybe I'll use them when we go out on the freeway!

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Rebecca said...

You've survived quite a long list of stuff! Welcome to a new week. Your sense of humor will continue to carry you through whatEVER comes. What beautiful flowers you received! How very thoughtful.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

What a big week with even more events to come. Busy summer! You had me going for a second with not leaving the driveway! I know you are so proud of them. I'm back to work today, very tired, too.

TCKK said...

Trust me. I'm there with you. My daughter's driving now with a permit too.!!! Scary stuff! She's doing really well too though.

A Stone Gatherer said...

WOW! First of all no sweet tea for the ride home? I am so afraid of when Jeremiah starts to drive! Much prayer will be needed! What a great week for your daughter! Way to go getting 2nd chair! Awesome!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I always wondered what the big deal about letting us drive when we turned 16 was, but now that I'm a parent I have a completely different view on the whole ordeal! Sounds like you did just fine!

Glad to hear that your girl had a good time at camp. Good thing it wasn't at TAMU...she might have been forbidden to attend! LOL!


Lisa writes... said...

We are in the learning to drive process with our son and it is exhausting! He wants to drive ALL THE TIME!

Anonymous said...

I went with the driving school. It was a lot less stressful for my daughter and me.

Liz said...

Ok, so I followed your link to this post because my daughter received her learners permit on July 10. I believe that it was also July 13 that I got in a car with my daughter and sat in the passengers seat. WHEW. I totally can relate. Even though she is enrolled in driving school, she still has to practice with me (and her dad). It's scary, even the third time around!