Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heart of Stone

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Heart Of Stone
Zondervan (March 1, 2010)


Jill Marie Landis

Jill Marie Landis is the bestselling author of over twenty novels. She has won numerous awards for her sweeping emotional romances, such as Summer Moon and Magnolia Creek. In recent years, as market demands turned to tales of vampires, erotica, and hotter, sexier historical romances, Jill turned to writing Inspirational Western Romances for Steeple Hill Books. She truly feels back in the saddle again, working on stories that are a joy to write. With her toes in the sand and head in the clouds, Jill now lives in Hawaii with her husband, Steve.


Laura Foster, free from the bondage of an unspeakable childhood has struggled to make a new life for herself. Now the owner of an elegant boardinghouse in Glory, Texas, she is known as a wealthy, respectable widow. But Laura never forgets that she is always just one step ahead of her past.

When Reverend Brand McCormick comes calling, Laura does all she can to discourage him as a suitor. She knows that if her past were discovered, Brand’s reputation would be ruined. But it’d not only Laura’s past that threatens to bring Brand down─it’s also his own.

When a stranger in town threatens to reveal too many secrets, Laura is faced with a heartbreaking choice: Should she leave Glory forever and save Brand’s future? Or is it worth risking his name─and her heart─by telling him the truth?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Heart Of Stone, go HERE

This another good books, folks - and not just because it's set in Texas! Oh, how easy it is to judge others for their circumstances, not caring about the wounded heart beneath. God's grace covers the past, but sometimes we all carry a shovel to remind folks what's been buried! This is a beautiful story of forgiveness and new beginnings. I look forward to Heart of Lies, the second book in this Irish Angels series.


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Barbara H. said...

I just put this one on my TBR list.

quilly said...

Another for my TBR list!

Carole said...

I just got this book last week because it looked good, so I'm glad to see your thoughts, Linda. I love a good historical romance and used to read a lot in the general market. I'm disappointed in the current trends mentioned above, however, and am thrilled that Jill is now writing Christian fiction.