Saturday, March 20, 2010

TSMSS - Home Free

This is for a sweet friend of mine who is walking a road of grief. One of her closest friends is in her last day or few of her cancer journey before God takes her home, and just a couple of short weeks ago, the mother of the dying woman also passed away from cancer.

One of my favorites of Wayne Watson's, this song speaks to the beautiful assurance for believers that the ultimate healing comes when we are Home Free. I have no idea who the people are in this video tribute, but it broke my heart to watch it and realize that her children were only 11, 7, and 3 years old when she passed away.

Words & Music by Wayne Watson

I'm trying hard not to think you unkind
But Heavenly Father
If you know my heart
Surely you can read my mind
Good people underneath the sea of grief
Some get up and walk away
Some will find ultimate relief

Home Free, eventually
At the ultimate healing we will be Home Free
Home Free, oh I’ve got a feeling
At the ultimate healing
We will be Home Free

Out in the corridors we pray for life
A mother for her baby, A husband for his wife
Sometimes the good die young
It's sad but true
And while we pray for one more heartbeat
The real comfort is with you

You know pain has little mercy
And suffering's no respecter of age, of race or position
I know every prayer gets answered
But the hardest one to pray is slow to come
Oh Lord, not mine, but Thy will be done

Let it be...

Home Free, eventually
At the ultimate healing we will be Home Free
Home Free, oh I’ve got a feeling
At the ultimate healing
We will be Home Free

Home Free, eventually
At the ultimate healing gonna be Home Free
Home Free, oh it’s more than a feeling
At the ultimate healing
Gonna be Home Free

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Andrea said...

Blessings, hugs, and love,

Anonymous said...

I can very much relate to this. So very bittersweet. Loved the words to the song. Good post.

Stacey said...

Visiting from:

Lisa notes... said...

I haven’t heard this song in a long time, so it was great to hear it again. It’s so comforting and real.

Praying for your friend...

shopannies said...


Saleslady371 said...

A heart gripper for sure, especially the end is meaningful when the mylar balloon was released! End scripture made me cry.

Karen said...

I've never heard this song...beautiful encouraging was precious...

Praying for comfort and strength for your friend....


After readin your intro to the video, I just couldn't watch it! I began to tear up. I said a prayer for the family. Blessings!

Diana said...

May comfort, strength and peace come......

Cathy said...

We were just talking earlier today about what heaven may be like. Sometimes I can't wait to go. But there's still a lot I'd like to do hear first.

Cathy said...

That is so sad, Linda. Thanks for sharing that song I had not heard before. I'm not really familiar with his music.

Madonna said...

what an awesome song. I haven't heard it before but I have had so many friends or family of friends pass on in the last little bit that this song really spoke to my heart.

Debbie said...

This is a beautiful song and reminder that this isn't our permanent home. It was so sad though about leaving her children when they were so little.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

This is one of my all time favorite songs by Wayne Watson. Actually, this was my favorite album as well. Praise God that we have hope!


daylily777 said...

Wonderful song,it is a comfort to all.