Saturday, June 26, 2010

TSMSS - Evie

This takes me way back in the mid-1970s when contemporary Christian music was in its infancy. Evie Tornquist-Karlsson was my very first "favorite singer." She had some wonderful songs. I think I had at least three of her regular albumns plus her Christmas album. Back then, "album" meant a 33 1/3 rpm that I played on the stereo turntable! This was one of my favorites that she sang.

Andrae Crouch was one of the early writers (and singers - some of you may remember his group, Andrae Crouch and the Disciples) of this era. A classic song of his is My Tribute and my all-time favorite rendition of it is this one by Evie.

And even though it's almost 100 degrees outside, I have to include one of my favorites from her Christmas album, No Room/Have You Any Room For Jesus?

Visit Amy's for more great songs for your weekend.


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Amy Wyatt said...

Wow. I have not heard these in YEARS! Great blast from the past. Thanks for always being so faithful to participate.

quilly said...

You just took me back years! Andrae Crouch wrote some great songs didn't he?

Sorry i have been so absent. I have been having some health issues.

Debbie said...

Evie is one of my dad's favorites. She has such a sweet voice. She's Norwegian so of course, my whole family loves her. I believe she now lives in Florida.


Joyce said...

Oh I loved seeing this one today. I had several of her albums too...I love the ones you posted. Another favorite of mine was Part the Waters...such wonderful words.

Have a nice weekend!

Debra Kaye said...


I had never heard of her but she has a precious voice and I can't wait to hear her melody in my heart all day!

Blessings to you today!

Diana said...

Blessings! Have a great Saturday.

Michelle said...

She has such a beautiful voice.
Thanks for selecting these.

We still have some old records, even a stereo to play them on :)

Sonja said...

I'm singing right now.. I remember every word... we raised our kids with Evie! She is so precious, and that smile!!

Like Debbie commented, she is Norwegian, so am I, so she has always held a special place in my heart.

Thanks for posting!



Madonna said...

Yet another new singer for me. I love her voice and the songs are wonderful.

Nel said...

What great songs, I think I remember hearing them. Of course that was during my worldly days and I did not want to listen to anything that had Jesus in it. But Praise God I can't get enough of it now! I too still have albums and 45's and actually 2 turntables to play them. One of them is hooked up to the computer. Technology, gotta love it!
until next time... nel

shopannies said...

reminds me of the '70s at that age I was a little girl but remember my mother playing music and songs such as this how great to have memories of this era

Craig Weeks said...

I surely would have thought you far, FAR too young for Evie ... unless she was considered an "oldie" or "classic" by the time you came along. :)