Thursday, October 6, 2011

He'd Trade it All Now

Everywhere you look on the internet and TV, accolades and tributes for Steve Jobs. Our society fascination with celebrities is only increased when death comes, especially at a premature age. It is true that he made many contributions to our technology. I utilize one of his company's products on a daily basis.

But as successful as he was, as smart and as capable, one sentence I read defined his life more than all of the inventions and technological advances combined: "He embraced Buddhism and New Age philosophy." In this world of "anything goes," cafeteria-style religion, many don't blink an eye at that. But that one sentence broke my heart. How I pray that he turned to Christ in his final days. If not, and if he could speak from the grave, I suspect -- no, I know -- that he would say his life was a waste and that he would trade it all for the opportunity to change his eternal destiny.

That's not something folks like to think about very much. In fact, I even see Christians put on FB and blogs at times like this "RIP". I saw it with Michael Jackson's death, Princess Diana's, and other public figures whose lives gave no indication of the fruit that comes as a result of a relationship with Christ. And that troubles me. For when Christians do that, it just perpetuates the "everything is hunky-dory when we die" myth. I know "RIP" has kinda become a figure of speech, but if you are one who tends to use it, please think about what it really means. According to what was known about his spiritual beliefs, and based upon what the Bible says, there is no peaceful rest for Mr. Jobs.

For what profit is it to a man
if he gains the whole world,
and loses his own soul?

Matthew 16:26

Just some thoughts. . . .

Please note: These thoughts are shared out of a heart of sorrow and compassion, not in a desire to be judgmental. Comments are always welcome, but argumentative, strident, or vitriolic comments will be deleted.


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A Stone Gatherer said...

Amen Linda Amen!c

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Well written ... and oh so true. Mr. Jobs had a huge impact on most all of us, but that matters not when he comes face to face with our Lord.

bp said...

Excellent! I have had similar thoughts when others have died and I've wondered to myself if they knew the Lord and where they are spending eternity. It also makes me wonder the views of others regarding death and eternity when I see some of the things written when one passes away.

Tina Leigh said...

Couldn't have said it better myself! Yes it is so true and it is sad and sickening at the same time. Sad for a Lost soul and sickening that so many look over death and eternity.

auburnchick said...

Courageous and excellent post, Linda.

Whenever I find out someone famous or someone I know (not usually the same thing, you see) has passed away, my first question is always, "Did he/she know Christ?"

My own dad passed away without professing faith in Jesus. I won't know until I die if he made a decision in the last moments of his life, so the question still lingers.

To assume that people are going to "heaven" is a dangerous precedent to set, and you are so right to caution those of us who are Christians into falsely leading others to think this is case.

Thanks for a thought-provoking post.