Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nancy Rue Guest Blogs!

It is my immense pleasure to welcome Nancy Rue to my blog today for a guest post. Nancy is an incredible author and a precious lady who is not afraid to follow the Nudges God gives her and write truth. (Well, actually, I think she may be a bit afraid, but like Allison in her latest series--and Jeremiah and a whole host of others in the Bible--she's more afraid of what life would look like without God in the center!) This week she is hopping around to several blogs to share her heart about her newest release, Unexpected Dismounts. You will be inspired by these words from Nancy, and then be sure to enter to win her giveaway and RSVP for her Facebook party, coming up Friday night! And now, here's Nancy:

“Finding My Audience”

As an author who is a Christ-follower, I need to constantly ask God the Jeremiah question: “To whom shall I speak?” (Jeremiah 6:10, NRSV)

God has always been generous with the answer. I’ve written for tweens, teens, parents, and grown-ups-who-like-novels – a big ol’ group of readers. Since I was nudged to write The Reluctant Prophet trilogy, however, God has narrowed the group somewhat.

I was recently in a Christian bookstore where Unexpected Dismounts was displayed with other new releases – a historical romance, some sunny contemporary fiction, and a few Amish titles. I stayed incognito (not that anybody recognizes me by sight, mind you!) and watched a female customer, about fifty years old, pick up my book, stare at the cover with the Harley and the torn jeans and the row of ramshackle houses in the background, and literally shake her head before she returned it to the shelf. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen a reader choose the bonnet over the motorcycle helmet.

Now, before I go on, let me be clear that I do NOT put down the kind of fiction I just mentioned. Most of it is beautifully written and uplifting and encouraging, and it validates our core Christian beliefs. It is obviously great stuff because the bookstores can’t keep the bonnets on the shelves.

Not so much with the Harley helmets.

As I wrote Unexpected Dismounts, the second book in the trilogy, I kept asking God: To whom shall I speak, then? My answer came, and continues to come, in a Nudge that says –

Write for those who squirm in the pews because they don’t feel like they’re so much “doing Jesus” as “playing church.” So I created Allison Chamberlain and put her on a Harley and sent her out to minister to the prostitutes and drug addicts in St. Augustine, Florida.

Write for those who feel a Nudge from Me to do something, but they’re afraid people will think they’re crazy. So I sent Allison out to open a second Sacrament House for more women of the streets in need of healing. I gave her a 12 year old mulatto boy to adopt amid much controversy. And I pitted her against the most powerful force in the city, who clearly had to be a former love.

Write for those who know life just isn’t as simple as Christians sometimes make it out to be. So I let Allison fall in love with a Harley-ridin’ man of great appeal and wisdom, who hasn’t said the Sinner’s Prayer. I allowed someone from Allison’s past to come back and stir things up. I turned the church against her.

Write for those who have doubts and questions about Me. So I brought in a female army Chaplain/motorcycle instructor for Allison to work through those struggles with. And I let Allison wrestle with them alongside the recovering women who are fighting to believe that God loves them.

The people God has nudged me to write for don’t always go to Christian bookstores or search for inspirational fiction online, so I appreciate this opportunity to invite you to discover Unexpected Dismounts. I personally think it’s for everyone, because as the Harley people say, “There are two kinds of riders: those who’ve fallen, and those who will.” That’s pretty much all of us, isn’t it?

* * *

Thanks for joining us on the Unexpected Dismounts Blog Hop with Nancy Rue. Nancy’s publisher, David C. Cook is sponsoring the blog hop with an opportunity to win some great prizes, including a $200.00 gift card for American Express. Click to register to win & RSVP for the Facebook party today.
If you are interested in hearing more from Nancy, you can visit her website, subscribe to her blog: The Nudge, join her on Facebook and/or follow her on twitter.

Tomorrow Nancy will be with author Julie Cantrell. We’ll see you there!

Thank you, Nancy! And thank you for writing such amazing and thought-provoking books. You are always welcome here on my blog!


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Beth said...

I really liked the first book in the series and can't wait to read this one. I, too, probably was like that 50 something reader who looked at the book and put it down....but, I picked it up and read it and LIKED it!

Beckie B. said...

Great post!

Debbie said...

I am so glad you had to opportunity to have Nancy Rue guest post on your blog. My kids had writing instruction from her when she came to a writing seminar that our homeschool group set up. We have loved her "kids" books. I am now signed up for the Facebook party and following her blog and Facebook page. I am looking forward to reading her newest series. I hope to win the books but if I don't I will figure another way to read them.

Cathy said...

I've not seen this series. I'll have to check it out.

J:-)mi said...

I think I fall into the first two groups. I'm always feeling like I'm not doing enough. It's so easy to stay in your comfortable Church pews and SS classrooms and Awana classrooms, but it's so HARD to get out and make a difference for those outside the Church! And like Allison, I feel a desire for more, but don't know of anyone else who wants to go there with me. Who really wants to invite strangers over for dinner when you could invite people from Church? Who else even thinks of such crazy ideas? Yeah, I think I'm one of those you're writing for.
~ Jamie (egilkinc @ juno . com)

A Stone Gatherer said...

Nancy, I am not a bonnet girl, so I so appreciate your books! I'm a closet Harley lover! Everytime one drives by I say to the kids "listen to that baby purrrrrr!".

Thanks for all your books!

Anonymous said...

Loved hearing the story behind this series, Nancy. And knew I liked you! I've always felt like one who colors outside the lines a bit, and see things in a cock-eyed way--compared to "normal" Christians. Thanks for writing a series just for us. And I look forward to learning more about dealing with nudges. I've been responding more than resisting, but others often don't share the vision. And thanks, Linda, for hostessing Nancy. Glad to learn more about you/your blog!
Mary Kay

Megan DiMaria said...

Sorry you saw the lady passing over your book, Nancy. That must have given you pause. It's her loss. Any book you write is deep and beautiful. Write on!

Mary Vee said...

What courage to write for a needed audience, hoorah.

Countrysidegirl said...

I'm one of the ones who feel there is something I should be doing and am constantly searching for what God is calling me for. I do believe that it isn't always a "mission in the Congo", but can be just our everday lives. If you look closer, how many lives have you touched by just giving a kind word at the right moment? I keep searching and hopefully fufilling with His help.

Chris Dellacroce-microed@comcast.net said...

I love the way Nancy describes the different people she writes this series for. I'm a motorcycle lover, and am one who has definitely already fallen. Off my brother's Lambretta scooter, and off my own Yamaha 120 Trail bike. I have ridden on the back of many motorcycles, but only one Harley -- my brother-in-law's, and I loved it! Maybe I will try getting my own Harley or some motorcycle some day. Hopefully my writing will some day reach people who are also Christians on the fringe -- just a little different than the mainstream Christian, but definitely believe in mainstream Christian theology. That's me! Thank you Nancy and Linda for this great blog.

Nancy Rue said...

Linda, I was so thrilled to be on your blog, and of course the comments have me on a high even a Harley can't take me on. I am so blessed, especially on a day when I was a little discouraged. There are kindred spirits here. I think I'll visit more often! Blessings,

Nancy Rue

StillyBee said...

Really enjoying this blog hop...I really need to read Nancy's books I think .

Melody said...

I haven't read the Unexpected Dismounts series yet, but I want to!

Mr. Frank said...

I'm actually following Nancy Rue on the blog tour and am not as familiar with this blog. I have UD but will wait until after I read RP.

Jen said...

I love how the book is set in st. augustine fl since i live 30 minutes from there :)

Soccerkidsmom said...

Thanks for the interview. I am participating right now with the blog hop and the Facebook chat with Nancy Rue. Thanks!