Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Do you send Christmas cards? If so about how many will you send this year? How do you display the cards you receive? Or don't you? (gasp!)

Yes, usually around 100. I have a wire sleigh I put the cards in that we receive.

2. When do kids become adults?

In stages. Step 1 occurs when they are 18 and graduate from high school, with the final stage occurring when they are financially independent, which for our kids will be when they graduate from college. Or have had sufficient opportunities to do so!

3. Does your 'beauty regimen' change with the seasons?

Absolutely. I don't shave as much in the winter!

4. What's something you like to eat that might cause another person to turn up their nose?

I'm a lot pickier than my man, so it's hard to imagine what it would be. Everyone has something they like that someone else doesn't, but I don't think I like anything particularly weird.

5. Gloves or mittens?

Gloves, hands down. (Pun intended!) Mittens would make my fingers claustrophobic and seem highly impractical. How in the world can you do anything?!

6. What's the longest queue you've ever been in? Was it worth it? Queue=line but doesn't queue sound nicer?

One time in college I camped out for football tickets for a big game. It was inside the stadium, on the ramps, and was somewhat of a tradition. It was worth it at the time, but I wouldn't do it now.

7. Besides Christmas, what is one thing you are looking forward to in the month of December?

The school break - my boy will be home from college! And the alarm not going off so early!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I love Christmas music! It makes me smile to turn on the radio and hear the old classics by Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole & Perry Como, as well as the beloved old carols and the newer songs proclaiming the beauty of this holy season. Joy to the world! Let heaven and nature sing!


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Nel said...

Enjoyed your answers. I am sure you will enjoy your son being home over Christmas Holidays. How fun! Thanks for sharing.
until next time... nel

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

I'm with you on #8. My DH knows how much I love Christmas music, so he turned on the all-Christmas music station on the Sirius radio in the car the other day. I quickly told him to turn it off ... I'm so not a fan of the current batch of popular singers singing their versions of the old classics. Give me the old classics, sung properly! Especially sung by the original artists! The Christian music radio station that I listen to used to play all Christmas music after Thanksgiving but they aren't this year. I'm seriously needing some good Christmas music! I think I'll get my fix before I leave to work by going to and listening to "How Many Kings". ;-)

Cathy Kennedy said...

I love Christmas music,too!!! I can listen to it every day throughout the season and not tire of it. =D

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every delicious minute of the time when your son is home! That's the best Christmas gift ever. :O)

Cathy said...

Yay! for Christmas music. Been listening for weeks now off and on. Can't wait for my girl to come for Christmas too.

Have a great day.

Beth said...

Love your answers....we are so much alike in our thinking.....I am with you on EVERY answer! Was fun catching up with you today!

Joyce said...

College kids home for the holidays definitely makes life much sweeter! Enjoy!