Monday, November 28, 2011

Wrap-Up of the Giving Thanks Challenge

I always like to wrap up my participation in the Giving Thanks Challenge with a summary post containing my entire list. Most years, I've continued throughout the entire month of November. This year, I decided to stop with Thanksgiving Day. There was no particular reason for that other than the fact that for me, it is important to avoid getting caught up in always doing things exactly the same, lest it become legalistic. While there are still plenty of things for which I am grateful, I could tell that I was starting to view continuing to the end of the month as a task to be done, so I decided to shake it up a little bit so it would remain fresh and meaningful.

Here are the things that had particular meaning for me this month and made me pause and give thanks.

1. Friends
2. Grace
3. Books
4. A warm house
5. Music
6. My church family
7. The Bible
8. My daddy (now in heaven)
9. Joy & laughter
10. Medicine
11. Our veterans
12. Weekends
13. Memories
14. My washer & dryer
15. Rain!
16. The promise of heaven
17. Sunglasses!
18. Grocery stores
19. My man
20. Worship
21. Unexpected blessings
22. Bonds between believers
24. The goodness of the Lord

Thanks so much to Leah at South Breeze Farm for once again hosting this. I love how it makes me more cognizant of the big things and the little things that are so easily taken for granted as I go about my days.


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Modern Day Disciple said...

Nicely done! I am pressing on until the end of the week BUT I like the idea of concluding with a list!My creative juices seem to be flowing and having fun but I think your point is a good one- One must keep the joy in it or why bother!

Cathy said...

God is good, isn't he!

Vee said...

That is a perfectly lovely way to end the Giving Thanks Challenge.