Saturday, December 3, 2011

TSMSS - Christmas Songs

My dilemma each year with TSMSS and Christmas is whether to post some of the songs I dearly love and have shared before or whether to post new favorites that I discover! Some weeks I may just have to post two songs! In fact, I think this week is one of those weeks!

This is a little-known song that Mark Schultz recorded a couple of years ago. I think it was on one of those special compilations that stores release for Christmas. It is apparently available as a single on iTunes. I recently discovered it and it is simply beautiful.

Last week I posted a song from my teen years by Evie and it was fun to discover that several of you share the same delightful memories of her music! This may be my very favorite of her Christmas songs. I loved it then and I love it now. In fact, I had looked for it on YouTube in past years and couldn't find this one from her original album. Thank you, Evie, for posting it on YouTube for your longtime fans!

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Cathy said...

Don't you just love Christmas music? I've never heard either of these songs. Thanks for sharing.

ArtyMarti said...

I love the old traditional Christmas songs, but some of the new ones are well worth putting on my list of favorites. Thanks for sharing these great songs.

Lisa notes... said...

Just listened to the Mark Shultz song on another blog too. :-) Such beautiful words. I love how his lyrics are always meaningful and tell a story.

Nana Jul said...

EVIE is bringing back some memories...I know all the words...that really blew me away last's starting to all come back :)
But, I like the Mark Schultz also...I see why you posted both ;)
Thanks for both songs!
Have a great week.

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for sharing those songs, Linda. They are both beautiful, and I had not heard them before. Blessings ~

Pia said...

the christmas songs and carols i grew up with were those sung by ray conniff and the ray conniff singers. everytime i hear their songs, it brings me back to when i was still a child... beautiful memories.

it's nice to hear songs from our past, isn't it?

Debbie said...

I finally got to listen to your song choices for TSMSS. I loved both of them. Mark Schultz has an amazing voice. And Evie is someone I listened to as a child too. She is Norwegian and used to visit my church when I lived in NY many times.

blessings and love,

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Never was a big Evie fan, BUT we used to always play Come on Ring those Bells....light the Christmas Tree (sing along with me.....) Jesus is the King born for you and me......
Thanks for making my morning by letting me listen to that song!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Two beautiful Christmas songs !