Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Cool Hodgepodge

I'm happy to once again be participating in Joyce's Wednesday Hodgepodge. I hate missing it on the weeks when work keeps me from having the time to play!

1. What's the biggest change since your childhood in the way people think or act?

Lack of respect for authority, from kids to adults. Rules and regulations seem to be optional for most people, and it both boggles my mind and frustrates me to no end.

2. The Olympic Biathlon involves cross country skiing broken up with either two or four rounds of target shooting. Which part of that would stress you out more? Or would you love them both equally?

I would hate them both equally. I think that is one of the strangest sport combos.

3. February is National Canned Food Month...what is your most often purchased canned food item? What was in the last can you opened?

Canned beans of various types and canned tomatoes for soup. They all go in the same soup so I have no idea which one I opened last!

4. What river (anywhere in the world) would you most like to cruise?

Probably the Danube. It sounds delightful!

5. It's the middle of the night and you can't sleep...what do you do? Count sheep? Toss and turn? Watch television? Or do you get up and do something productive?

I just lie there and pray, sometimes mentally sing hymns, occasionally get my ear buds and turn on some soft piano music. I have a couple of CD's loaded that pretty much put me out by the second song.

6. How important is keeping your cool?

Really important. I'm not a lose-my-temper-and-yell type of person, but I can get flustered when I get stressed.

7. I've got white stuff on the brain so why not run with it? White lie, wave the white flag, white knuckle it, white wash a situation, or white as a sheet...which phrase could most recently apply to your own life in some way?

I would like to say wave the white flag because it has been crazy busy at work, except there is no one to surrender to! I have to get it done!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have been loving the Olympics - when I haven't been at work. I'm so bummed I have to work today and tomorrow and won't get to see the Ladies Figure Skating. It's my favorite event! I missed the Pairs, also. But the Ice Dancing Monday night was wonderful!


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April said...

I agree with what you wrote about the lack of respect. It drives me crazy, too. In fact, Abby's boyfriend refers to my husband as's like nails on a chalkboard to us.

Cathy said...

I haven't watched much of the Olympics, but thanks for letting me know about the women's ice skating. Maybe I'll get to watch a bit of it. I'm sorry you don't get to watch it though. Maybe you could record it.

Jill said...

Lack of respect really bothers me too. I think there's a lot more permissiveness in every aspect of life now, and I don't think that's a good thing!

Joyce said...

I really enjoyed the ice dancing this year too. It's nice to watch an event where I can relax and not worry about someone breaking their neck. Although I'm sure it's possible, just not likely. So beautiful too...I loved the costumes this year!

J. Johnson said...

I do love watching some of the Olympics - especially the bobsled and the ice dancing. Oh, and the freestyle skiing too!