Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FALLing for the Hodgepodge

It's always fun to play along with Joyce on the Wednesday Hodgepodge. I love when she connects the questions with a theme. I'm impressed she comes up with questions each week, much less coordinating them! LOL

1. Are the leaves turning color where you live? Have they begun to fall? Will you have to rake when it's all said and done? Is that a chore you love or loathe?

No, leaves don't tend to turn colors when it still hits 90 degrees most afternoons! And with very few exceptions, our leaves fall in the spring because our neighborhood is full of live oak trees. We've quit raking them and generally run over them with the mulching mower.

2. When did you last shake like a leaf?

I honestly don't remember. Probably the time we almost had a raccoon come in our house. That was pretty unsettling.

3. After 20 seasons with the NY Yankees, Derek Jeter played his last official game Sunday afternoon. Jeter has been described even by opponents as a 'class act', both on and off the field. The NFL is back in action this month too, with several players in that sport also making headlines. What are your thoughts on athletes as role models? Should a professional athlete be expected to act as role model or is that going beyond their job description? What responsibility do the organizations these athletes work for have when it comes to dealing with off the field behavior? Discuss.

I think our society puts far too much emphasis on sports at all levels, and I think it's ridiculous that professional athletes make the money that they do. No, they shouldn't be role models because we shouldn't pay them that much attention. Having said that, because they do receive the attention and visibility, I think they do have a responsibility to behave in a mature and professional manner.

4. What season of the year is toughest for you in terms of your health? Why?

Probably winter because the dreary days really drag me down emotionally. I could not live up north where the days are even shorter and the winters are even colder. I would definitely struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)!

5. The top six healthy food trends of 2014 according to Eating Well are-

clean eating (more veg, less meat, less sodium, limit alcohol and processed foods)
trash fish (you know those fish that get caught in fishermen nets and are thrown back? It seems chefs are finding creative ways to make them more appetizing)
cauliflower (this year's IT vegetable)
kaniwa (essentially baby quinoa, so like quinoa only smaller)
fermentation (think pickling except with twists on flavor we're not accustomed to)
community supported food (farms operating with community support/membership).

Okay-so how many of the hot healthy food trends for 2014 have you experienced, encountered, enjoyed? Any you've tried and said ewwww? Any on the list you'd like to try before year's end?

Eww to most of them. I'm not a trendy eater. I believe in moderation and balanced diets. I don't as many vegetables as I should because I don't care for them that much, but I'm not going to give up meat completely either. I don't drink alcohol at all, so that's not a problem and I like to cook, so I don't eat a whole lot of processed foods. I really wish we would just go back to the Four Basic Food Groups.

6. In seven words or less, bid September adieu.

Another family birthday season completed.

7. What's something on your October calendar that makes you happy just thinking about it?

Seeing my girl! We'll go visit her one weekend and she'll be home for fall break one weekend.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Love these verses from Daniel that remind us Who is in charge of the seasons!

Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever;
wisdom and power are His.
He changes times and seasons;
He deposes kings and raises up others.
He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to the discerning.
He reveals deep and hidden things;
He knows what lies in darkness,
and light dwells with Him.

(Daniel 2:20-22)


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Cranberry Morning said...

Yeah, I do think that a lot of us up here suffer from some degree of S.A.D. during the late fall and winter. Even now, it's amazing how quickly the hours of daylight are dwindling. Hope you have a great October!

bp said...

Good answer for #3.

Thanks for sharing the Daniel verse.

Joyce said...

My backyard this time of year just fils me with awe. So amazing to think of creation, not just the variety but the changing seasons, the color, the temperature, the sky...all of it! Always exciting to have time with a grown up daughter on the calendar-enjoy!

Cathy said...

Love that scripture!