Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Wednesday Hodgepodge

Joining in with Joyce for the Wednesday Hodgepodge once again. Come along and join the fun!

1. We celebrated Veteran's Day in the US of A on November 11th. When did you last interact with a member of the armed forces (either currently serving or retired)? Have you ever written a letter to a soldier, bought a meal or coffee for a solider, said an unprompted thank you to a soldier you encountered out and about somewhere? If you're not in the US, comment on a similar holiday in your own country.

A friend's son was deployed a year or so ago and I commented on his blog. I've also expressed thanks to veterans who are patients or their family memebers.

2. You can have fifty pounds of anything at all (except money)...what would you choose?

Right now, I'd take fifty pounds of blankets because I'm a bit cold. LOL

3. When did you last receive an invitation in the 'real' mail? What was it for and did you attend? When it comes to RSVP-ing, are you an 'early responder' or a 'last minute, barely-under-the-wire' kind of guest?

A wedding invitation for next weekend which, sadly, I had to decline because of my work schedule. I am generally an early responder if I am accepting but I tend to wait until the last minute if I'm going to decline, sometimes because I hope circumstances will change and allow me to accept.

4. What's something you really don't like to waste?

Money. Time. Words.

5. Cheers, Friends, MASH, Seinfeld...of the ones listed, your favorite long-running sitcom?

Definitely M*A*S*H*, although I never watched it until it was in reruns. I've never watched Friends or Seinfeld.

6. What decision are you glad you made?

Well, it's a given that I'm glad I decided to follow Christ. I'm glad I married my husband. Glad we had our kids.

7. In this month of 'Thanksgiving' what is one thing that's different today than it was a year ago that you're grateful for?

I'm not a newbie in my position at work. This time last year, I'd only been working a month. It's always nice to get through the first year of a new job!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Only 127 days until the First Day of Spring!


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Joyce said...

127 days? Well that doesn't sound so bad : ) We just have that little thing called winter to get through first. We've had a wonderful long fall, although I think that's coming to a close this weekend. It was almost 60 here yesterday-so unusual for mid-November. And this was the first October in three years we didn't get a foot of early snow so whoohoo!

retired not tired said...

I am counting down until we cruise in March - only 117 days. Glad someone else counts down.

Nonnie said...

I like the positive attitude looking toward spring! Words. Of course. Great answers.