Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heart Failure on Sunday

Our family received this really fun game for Christmas. The basic premise is a race against the variable-interval timer to call out words that fit the subject-of-the-round and be the one to have the last word spoken when the timer dings.

So my girl and I were playing this afternoon. My sweet, innocent, totally-not-into-boys, modest-minded, adores-Vicki-Courtney, 12-year-old. The letter was M. The subject card she put down for both of us was "Activities for a Date."

She looked all-too-briefly puzzled at the subject but then without missing a beat said "Making out".

"WHAAAAAT????!!!!" I gasped. " Try MOVIE!"

"Well, that's all I could think of!"

Fortunately, the timer buzzed, and I had the last word.

Sweetheart, let me tell you: Mom ALWAYS has the Last Word, and you aren't dating until you're at least 37.

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Xandra said...

Too funny! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the joy of motherhood. I have had a few of these moments myself. I think those of us who raising little girls should get extra large crowns in Heaven!

By the way, I saw my first girl scout cookie order form yesterday and all I could think about were locusts. It definitely helps with the appetite thing. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

How cute!! I raised 3 girls, um....Dating? 37? umm....Try 47!!! lol.

Xandra said...

Come by my've been tagged!


Lisa writes... said...

Hi Linda,
I totally understand the whole dating at 37 deal!

Thanks for your sweet encouragement at my blog today!

Glad we've "met"...

Anonymous said...

How funny! :)

Hi Linda, I just thought to drop in and check out your blog - found you via Xandra...

lori said...

MOMMA will ALWAYS have the last word!!!

Hey if I had an award....YOU'D be the recipient....the "ON THE SPOT CREATIVITY AWARD" at CWO....Your creativity was FABULOUS!!! Loved the POEM!!!

Have a WONDERFUL day!!

Mel's World said...

Linda...I am TOTALLY dying here laughing!!!! Seriously, can we talk to her about MOVIES instead. WOW!!! I love how you were quick on your feet and gave her the your not dating until you are 37 speech...been there done that with my two boys.

Kelly said...

So funny! We are women of the same mind and heart!

I have seen this game--might try to check it out.