Friday, January 18, 2008

The Onslaught

They're coming.

Like the Biblical plague of locusts, brown and green, they are about to descend on us all. For some, as soon as this weekend they will be everywhere you look and walk. The noise will build as the cacophony of their species rises in unity of purpose and speech.

"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

Sigh. Strategically placed in the moment that the fresh motivation of the New Year's resolution might be starting to fade, these are not encouraging words.

Since my daughter is no longer in Girl Scouts, fortunately we're out of the business of selling the things. At least the aroma in my living room isn't tormenting me and cases aren't lining the wall. And I do not have to freeze to death and try to manipulate stiff fingers to count money in frigid temperatures at a booth tomorrow.

But having experienced those "delights" firsthand, it does make it a little harder to just walk right by a hopeful little girl. Especially if it's a quiet booth and she doesn't seem to be selling much. And if she's little - the cute factor of a young gap-toothed Brownie is a definite advantage!

And then there's my man. He's a pushover for these little girls, especially since his girl used to be one of them.

So consider yourself warned. Soon they'll be among us. Prepare for action.

And stay out of my Thin Mints.

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Praise and Coffee said...

OH! I love those caramel/coconut thingys - so good!

I don't think I know any Girlscouts though, so my diet is safe.
Not that I'm dieting...ever.

Much love,

I think we'd have fun hanging out too!

Annette said...

Too late! They already got me, but then, I am a welcome victim. I have always loved Girl Scout cookies and am an easy target. Ok, so I bought 8 boxes! They'll go in the freezer, right? I'm perfectly safe with the 2 peanut butter cookie boxes I purchased since it's not at all tempting for me...I just hope another cute, little brownie doesn't snag me because I've already bought my quota for the year.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I love this post. I wasn't a girl scout, but was very active in student council in high school....I think I sold something at least 2 times a month. I'm such a sucker for kids raising money and should have this in my budget. :)


-oh and great blog you have here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh! I needed it 1st thing on this Saturday morning!

I have never thought about it...they are like little locusts aren't they! Since I have such a hard time saying no to their sweet little faces, I will now try visualizing them as locusts!

I bet that will do the trick.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the reminder...not! I love Girl Scout cookies, especially the tag-alongs! I can remember in high school, my friend and I ate a whole box of thin mints, tying to figure out if the mint was in the cookie or the chocolate! Back in the day when I could eat anything! Oh, those were the days!

Denise C said...

My personal favorites are the Caramel De-lites!!! Already bought some and my hubby loves the Shortbread!!! (Bought some of those too!!!)
Have a great weekend!

Mel's World said...

Can I just tell you that they have ALREADY ATTACKED my dear hubby!

I mean, seriously...he pre-ordered, didn't even need to see the cutie patotie in her uniform to make the sell, He PRE-ORDERED!!!

What's up with that???

Xandra said...

Adorable little girl + tasty goodness = resolution? what resolution?

The Preacher's Wife said...

i just ordered 3 boxes of thin mints.

am desperately trying to figure out where they fit on my First Place chart. I totally need a 'chocolate' allowance.