Saturday, March 29, 2008

Outback Steakhouse Giveaway. . . . .

It's really annoying sometimes how often God puts opportunities in my life to apply scripture. Like Philippians 2:4, telling me to look not only to [my] own interests, but also to the interests of others. Or Romans 12:10, exhorting me to honor one another above yourselves. Enough, already! I get the picture!

So I will cheerfully (really!) pass along this exciting tidbit that Sandy told me about: Promises Fulfilled is having an Outback Steakhouse $25 Gift Card giveaway! Now how cool is that?! Don't know if you've ever been there, but Outback Steakhouse has some awfully succulent steaks. As well as that Bloomin' Onion.

And they are celebrating their 20th Anniversary. (Just like someone else I know this year!)

So go by Promises Fulfilled and enter her drawing. Because, even if you don't have one in your town, you can still win. And then your scripture application can be to share it with me!

After all, I haven't won anything in at least a couple of weeks!


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Becoming Me said...

You are so sweet to share. I wish I could say that if I win I'd treat you to lunch, but I don't think we live in the same neighborhood, but hey, e-mail me if you live in SC and we'll see. Smiles

Xandra said...

OK. If you win, I'll drive to Austin to eat with you, and if I win, you drive to Houston. Deal?


Mocha with Linda said...

That sounds like a plan to me!

Anonymous said...

Hey I want to join in I will meet all of you in the middle?? Thanks Linda your pretty cool:)
Love ya,

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

We don't live near an Outback any longer, but when we travel, they are usually one of our favorite picks.