Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A New Perspective

In spite of the pressure and stress (which I admit can be somewhat self-inflicted because I am such an overachiever and perfectionist), I had a great time being the Retreat Geek this past weekend. It was fun setting up the mics and amps and preparing and running all the Powerpoints and videos for our worship times and the speakers.

But it did give me a new perspective and a new appreciation for the folks who do this week after week after week after week.

Many churches today project the words of songs, Bible verses, sermon outlines, etc. onto a screen throughout the service. This requires someone to sit in a booth somewhere pushing buttons to make it all advance at the proper time.

Which means that while your eyes are closed and you are having an intimate encounter with God, theirs are wide open as they busily click and scroll and adjust. Which precludes them from having their own worship experience. And while their service is a form of worship, it is a different experience. Same thing with the musicians, the Worship Pastor, and the Preacher.

That doesn't even take into account the extra time they already were up there in preparation/practice/set-up. Similar to how I was setting up and participating in rehearsals while the other retreat ladies were having their free time. I'm not bemoaning my choice, but it was a definite eye-opener.

Of course, I'm quite sure none of you has ever gotten irritated because a slide had a misspelled word or was out of order or came up too slow, nor would you ever fail to express appreciation to these techies, right? Didn't think so!

But just in case, next time you are at church, let them know you notice what they do and thank them for their service to God and His people.


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Natalie said...

Linda, you are so right. It's the ones who work "behind the scenes" that often get overlooked. Their responsiblities and obligations are sometimes the most important. It's good to be reminded!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder, Linda. There are so many people in our churches that work tirelessly behind the scenes doing things that most people never notice. And what would our churches do without them? I thank God that the things we do for Him never go unnoticed by Him!


A Stone Gatherer said...

Thanks for the reminder! I often think it but don't do it! I'll remember to say thanks this sunday!

Xandra said...

It's funny how walking a mile in someone else's shoes makes us appreciate them more. It tends to remind me that I need to be less selfish and more gracious to others, even when I don't have a clue where they are coming from.

How's it going being off the mountain and back in the valley? Our youth director used to prepare us for that when we came home from our retreats...it's easy to be filled with the Spirit when everyone around you is focused on that very same thing, but coming home can be difficult sometimes. Not that our lives were terrible, but real life had to start again and we had to live in the world.


Carole said...

I appreciate your thoughts, Linda. We have a talented and committed crew who serve during worship, and any other special services during the week, in the areas of light, sound, video and Powerpoint/Easy Worship. I'm on the worship team (pianist) and know how important this tech ministry is, yet it's so easy for people to complain when something goes wrong. So thank you for reminding us to express our appreciation frequently.

My cup runneth over... said...

Great reminder...thank you! So very true.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

It is so interesting to work "behind the scene" and it does offer a whole new perspective as to what goes into making a Sunday service flow. Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for honoring the Lord with your gifts and talents. :)
Glad to hear the retreat went well.

Linda said...

I am the one who notices the misspellings. My daughter and I are notorious. Part of me wants to ignore it, and part of me wants to do things with excellence. I'm torn. But I do appreciate what they do. Signed, Lidna

Becoming Me said...

Wonderful post as always Linda. Very thoughtful.