Monday, April 7, 2008

Some Purse-onal Matters

Yesterday's blog was on grace, today's could be titled gross!

You come in from the store, the school, the mall. . . . . . where do you set your purse? On the kitchen counter? The table?

I did until I heard the report a couple of years ago, and a reminder yesterday, about all the icky stuff that is on the bottom of our purses.

If you haven't heard about it, the Snopes info is here. An ABC news report is here. E. coli, hepatitis, and thousands of other germs, all congregating on the bottom of our purses and transferring to whatever place we put them. (BTW, the bottoms of laptop cases and diaper bags are just as susceptible.)

Ick and double ick.

Since I read that, I have quit putting my purse on the counter. I desperately try to avoid restaurant floors as well, although sometimes the chair back is so rounded the purse won't stay. And public bathroom floors are totally off limits.

And speaking of bathrooms, where is your toothbrush? If it's out on the counter in a cute little holder, you might want to rethink that as well.

Seems there's an F3 geyser component at work in our bathrooms. Who knew that toilets sprayed an aerosol of germs into the air? And that the bacterial mist can still be in the air TWO hours later? So everyone should put the lid down before they flush. And store the toothbrush in an enclosed area like a medicine cabinet.

From purses to potties, I'm just full of all kinds of good news today. Clorox wipe, anyone?


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Carole said...

Those are certainly things I've never thought of, Linda. Thank you!

Melissa Lea said...

I'll take a clorox wipe! Thanks for the info!!!

Natalie said...

Yuck! That really makes sense. I've got to go scrub all my purses now!

Xandra said...

I'll take 2 or 3 or 15 of those, thank you very much! I have one of those purse hooks that you can put on the edge of a table and then hang your purse on it while you eat. It keeps it off the floor AND keeps it in your line of sight.


Kelly said...

Running to Target to get some Clorox wipes!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm feeling pretty smug right now that my purse-diaper bag combo is always hung on a hook right by the door.

And I have heard that about toilets before. But if the lid is shut before you flush, I believe the germ cloud is seriously minimized.

Linda said...

Here I am coming to your rescue and showing you the light once again. (?) Check out this link:

sara said...

my mother recently sent me an article about our purses and germs and now there is NO WAY my purse is going on the counter....however, it turns out that it is my habit to put my purse on the counter....working to break that!!!

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwww! And I just recently put my purse down on a public bathroom floor.......well that won't happen again.
Luckily, I hang up my purse on hook everyday when I come in.

Rhonda said...

I like Xandra's idea of a portable purse hook. Thank goodness for portable disinfectant wipes - those things are great!

Sometimes, I think we know too much. Perhaps if I didn't know about the germs, they wouldn't really be there. What do you think?!?

A Stone Gatherer said...

O.K. I am completely grossed out now! Good thing most of the time I leave my purse in the van (ya here thief!!) Gross, yuck! icky poo! Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

My son recently had to swab four things and wipe them in a dish to see what grew. One of the four items he wiped was the side of the cat's litter box. Another was his dad's keys. Guess which grew the most bacteria the fastest.

yep. I'm SO not driving my husband's truck.

well. if it was running. (see my latest post: "it is what it is" bummer.

Mocha with Linda said...

KEYS?! Yuck!

The Preacher's Wife said...

thanks for this. really.



Anonymous said...

You know I had forgotten about the bottom of our purses, thanks for the reminder:) CLOROX HERE I COME YUK!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I, too, was forever changed by that 20/20 or Dateline or whatever it was. I sometimes see women put their purses on the bathroom floor and I have to breathe into a plastic bag to calm down. And then I debate whether I should say something to them, but decide that they would probably think I was a total freak. So I keep silent. I mean, aside from the hyperventilating noises.

Let me just say that the recent proclivity of shopping cart wipes is a true sign of God's grace.

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

LOL Thank you for the L. I grew up in a clean freak home and I have no immunities, I was sick all the time. Met my husband and we tend to live in nature from time to time, no electricity or running water, just the way God made things. I now have some immunities and my girls rarely get sick. My son who live with my clean freak parents is sick all the time and taking prescription drugs all the time. Put is this way mom would clean the bathroom after each use as much as possible. All that cleaning hurts. Dawn