Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

A potpourri, a mish-mash, or to follow Lisa's trendy example, a status report:

Sitting. . . . in my comfy recliner my man gave me for my birthday.

Listening. . . .for the dryer to buzz that the next load is done.

Grieving. . . .for a friend whose mom passed away Sunday night. Our husbands have been good friends since they were in 8th grade, 40+ years ago. Unfortunately, small town in Oklahoma is too far & difficult to reach for us to attend tomorrow's service. We'll see them when they get back in town.

Remembering. . . .some of the fun times we've had with that couple. Since our guys were roommates in college and beyond, it was a very big deal to my friend and she threw a party (years ago) to celebrate finally reaching the milestone "I've lived with (her man's name) longer than you have, (my man's name)!" I gave her a t-shirt with that on it. Oh, and that party? It was just before their 7th anniversary!

Missing. . . .my mom. Ordering the flowers for the service of my friend's mom 5 weeks after my own mom's death was like when you re-injure an already tender, barely healing wound.

Rejoicing. . . .in the hope that we have in Christ that death is not the final goodbye.

Tolerating. . . .the rental car that I'm driving while my van is being fixed. It looks like a hearse. Appropriate, I guess, considering the circumstances of the accident. (Apologies to any of you for whom this is your preferred vehicle. Part of the problem is I am just too tall for it; I can't get the seat to fit me comfortably and the windows are too low and small for me to see out of them well.)

Celebrating. . . .with my girl that she made Region Orchestra this past weekend in viola. And made 3rd Chair, no less, a thrilling surprise for her.

Intimidated. . . .by my lack of creativity. My girl collects rubber duckies and wants to be a duck for a costume party this Friday night. I have no clue where to begin. I thrive on organizing. Creativity gives me hives.

Procrastinating. . . .putting together the Powerpoint for tomorrow's Bible Study. The gal who leads it just emailed me the final draft, so I need to get started.

Wishing. . . .I were having a real cup of mocha with each of you!


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Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Congrats on Region! That's a real accomplishment....