Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clicking the Ruby Slippers Finally Worked!

There's no place like home.

In just a little while I will lay my head on my very own pillow in my very own bed in my very own house. The last time that happened was July 28, which was 23 nights ago.

But then, who's counting?!

I started to take a picture of my pillow for this post, but that sounded like entirely too much work. The kids and I got in this afternoon, dropped our stuff, headed to the high school to get my boy's textbooks and locker which he missed doing earlier, took my girl to the Orchestra Picnic, and then it was back to the high school for her freshman orientation.

Tomorrow I have one day to get ready for her birthday, which is Saturday. And for which I have nada. Zip. Zilch. She seems to have a bit of a problem with that for some strange reason. And then I was reminded on the news that tomorrow starts the Tax-Free Weekend. I absolutely, positively hate strongly loathe Tax-Free Weekend. Quickness & efficiency just flew out the window!

My man stayed to help his mom for a couple more days. So life isn't totally back to normal yet.

Thanks so, so much to so many of you who commented, emailed, and prayed for me and my family during this past week as my FIL went home to be with the Lord. It was an exhausting yet uplifting experience. God was so gracious in the way He orchestrated the details, and we saw evidences of His hand in so many ways throughout the entire week.

One brief example that just gave us chills - my in-laws did not have cemetery plots, and when my MIL went to make the arrangements, the funeral director who just "happened" to be the one to help her just "happened" to know about two plots in the older and most beautiful part of the cemetery which had just become available and had not even been processed yet. (A couple had bought plots for their entire family some years ago, but after the children grew up & moved off, they sold two of the plots back to the cemetery.) My MIL was so pleased to get such beautiful plots and at such a great price.

[Rabbit Trail: The cemetery is in the process of developing 25 additional acres, and the plots in that area will cost up to $500,000. That is HALF A MILLION dollars! For a hole in the ground!]

And the next day? My MIL discovered through a "random" conversation with the funeral director that the relatively new grave next to the newly purchased plots is where my FIL's long-time Sunday School teacher and friend was buried a month ago.

Coincidence? No, a God-incidence!

Quote of the week: Late Wednesday after the funeral, as my MIL was resting in her chair, all of a sudden she said, "Every time I think about where he is, it makes me smile!"

We do not grieve as those who have no hope.
(I Thessalonians 4:13)

Lots more to share from the last few weeks. But now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with my pillow.

But first I have to make myself get out of this chair!


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skoots1mom said...

isn't God good?!! ALL THE TIME!
He is our hope, indeed

My ADHD Me said...

Welcome Home!!

I really like that Bible verse.

sara said...

always so good to be back in your own bed. So great to see how God worked in the last weeks for you!!

Having just buried my Aunt last spring, I was completely taken aback by the costs!!

wish we had tax-free weekend here!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Actually, I wish we didn't. I generally avoid the stores like the plague during that weekend. The crowds are unbelievable. If a store advertised an "8% off" sale, I don't think they'd get a second glance. But everyone goes crazy over this. Go figure!

A Stone Gatherer said...

What a wonderfully true statement your MIL made! Praise God we don't grieve as others do!

TCKK said...

"Coincidence? No, a God-incidence!" I absolutely loved this!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Glad you are home, friend. Women our age tend to wonder how young moms have the energy to do what they do on a daily basis, having trouble remembering what it was like to have so much going on, but you have been living this energy-zapping life since the end of July. You deserve a great rest. You are an amazing, energy-filled woman. Also Spirit filled. :P

Latte With Me said...

Your mother in law just sounds so sweet and precious! I love the stories you've shared about her.

Happy birthday to your little pumpkin!

Have fun at your home this weekend !!!

Sending much hugs and love and prayers your way.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

It's so good to hear stories of God's faithfulness to His children. The things that the world sees as coincidence or fate are just examples of His awesome sovereighty! Praise God for the comfort that brings.