Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flashback Friday Prompt

Missing my girl as she is still on a mission trip for a few more days. She is having a wonderful time and the few emails she's been able to send (the teens get 15 minutes on the computer when it's their turn!) have been bubbling over with exclamation points and smiley faces! She thought she sprained a finger the other night, but now she and the nurse who is part of the trip's medical team think it may be broken. Hopefully it will heal quickly; she'll be bummed if she can't get back to the piano and viola soon! Hearing from her and reviewing Tomorrow We Die gave me an unexpected idea for this week's Flashback Friday! Hopefully you won't think it's too strange!

Were you prone to accidents and injuries when you were growing up? Did you ever break a bone? Knock out any teeth? Get stitches? Have you ever ridden in the back of an ambulance? Did you ever have surgery or spend any time in a hospital? How did your folks treat injuries and illnesses? With lots of TLC or by telling you to get a stiff upper lip? Was there a particular home remedy that your mom (or dad or whoever!) used or any "traditions" involving injuries or illnesses? What's the worst injury (or illness) you had when you were growing up?

Share your first aid flashback tomorrow and come back here to link up!


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Diana said...

I know you are missing her! Oh, but what memories and blessings for her.

Kim said...

Linda -
When the ER folks saw me coming they'd say, "Oh, it's you again." Broken bones? I had 'em. Sprains? I had 'em. Head knocks...I had 'em. I WAS an accident happening! :)

bp said...

I love the great topics you always choose!

I'm glad you have been able to hear from your girl and that she is having such a great time. I look forward to hearing more about her trip.

God bless,