Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flashback Friday Prompt - Hearts and Flowers

Since Monday is February 14, it seemed obvious what this week's Flashback Friday topic should be!

What was Valentine's Day like when you were growing up? Did you have parties at school? Did you make or buy the valentines for your classmates? Was it a trend to attach candy to each valentine? Did your family acknowledge the day in any particular way? What about as you got older, in your teens? Was the day eagerly anticipated or dreaded? Did your school sell/allow carnations or other items? Do any Valentine's Days from the past in particular stand out in your memory? What about now - is it a special time or just another day on the calendar? And of course, the all-important question: candy conversation hearts - yes or no?!

Share your Valentine's Day memories tomorrow and link up here so we can all enjoy reading them!


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Cindy said...

For us it is pretty much just another day although I usually get at least a card from dear hubby. I let him off the hook a long time ago because I've never liked the pressure the advertisers put on us to spend big bucks for holidays.

Yes to the conversation candy hearts. I noticed in the box I got this year that "tweet me", "text me", and "friend me" were added! lol!


Yes to the conversation hearts. I still love them....just don't like the new phrases.