Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flashback Friday Prompt

Well, this one is timed perfectly but it's purely by accident! I've been mulling over this prompt for several weeks and decided yesterday that this would be the week to do it, and only after getting it all typed up and ready to go did I remember that April is National Poetry Month. (I was tempted to just let you think I was just incredibly organized and on the ball, but considering the fact that I'm doing good just to get a post written, thanks to six medical-type appointments in four days this week, I decided I'd just tell it like it is!)

What poems do you remember from your childhood? Did you have to memorize many poems for school when you were growing up? Did you learn any just for fun? Do you remember which ones they were--and can you still recite them? Did you have a poetry book that you liked to read? Do you enjoy poetry today? Do you prefer rhyming poetry or free verse? Whimsical poetry or epic poems that tell a story? Do you have a favorite poem or poet? Have you ever written any poems?

Come back Friday to share your memories and poems and link up here!


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sara said...

I have never enjoyed poetry....just never "got it". My brain just doesn't think that way!! I did memorize poems in school, but quickly chose to forget them!!!

Jim said...

Hi Linda ~~ I know you are very busy helping those not doing so well in your family. I hope they are recovering. You have to take care of YOU also, you know.

I like your poetry theme for this week. I did mine late last night so it is ready.

Oops, though, I didn't write a new poem special for this post. Maybe I will add that.