Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

No, it's not my birthday! It's


On this day in 1836, the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed, creating the Republic of Texas.

This is also the birthday of Sam Houston, the first President of the Republic of Texas; he later served as Governor of Texas from December 1859 to March 1861. (And before he moved to Texas, he was Governor of Tennessee from 1827-1829). He has a fascinating life story that would make a great novel or even a series. I can think of several authors who would do an incredible job of writing it, too. Hmmmm. . . . .!

And for those of you who think Texas is just a bit too big, here is what the Republic of Texas looked like in 1836!


And yes, we have a national anthem state song!

After all, the slogan says,

Wishing you a great Friday from deep in the heart of The Lone Star State!


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