Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's the Hodgpodge or Else!

1. Share one way you think the world has changed for the better since you were a kid?

Air-conditioned cars, central air in houses, color TV, dishwashers, microwaves, cell phones, for starters. Plus it's become smaller, in a sense. It's easier to connect, communicate, and travel.

2. How 'bout one way it's changed for the worse?

Like the time of Judges when Israel had no king, "everyone did as they saw fit." So many people are completely self-absorbed and have no use for God or others.

3. Starlight, starfish, starling, Starbucks...your favorite 'star'?

Drinking Starbucks under the starlight sounds pretty nice!

4. Name a song that's overplayed, but you love it anyway.

It's not overplayed as much now, but Blessed Be Your Name fell into that category.

5. When did you last have home made ice cream? Your latest favorite flavor?

Two Sundays ago when our Sunday morning Bible Fellowship group had a party. I'm a vanilla girl when it comes to homemade ice cream, although I don't mind some fresh Texas peaches tossed in there!

6. What do you think is the best way to inspire or motivate people?

With my kids, threaten 'em! LOL No, inspire and motivate them by example and encouragement.

7. When was the last time you were without power?

A few weeks ago. We have a lot of squirrels in our neighborhood and every once in a while one of them gets too friendly with a transformer and lives to regret it goes out with a bang.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

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Joyce said...

I just listened to Blessed Be Your Name when I was walking this morning. I still love it.

Air conditioning! How could I forget that??

Anonymous said...

Now I have that song running through my head with the image of the squirrel. . . . Wonder if I could train the gajillion ones I have in my backyard to do that? I didn't get A SINGLE TOMATO off my dozen plants this year because they ATE THEM ALL. I got plenty of half eaten ones left on my deck, though . . . .

Jill said...

Great answers, Linda! I loved them all. I was tempted to use "threats" as my answer for #6, but I didn't want to be misunderstood. : ) Guess I've become too PC or something!

Theresa said...

Love "Blessed Be The Name". Vanilla ice cream with peaches sounds delish :)

Nikki S. said...

We used to have many squirrels in our yard but since we have a dog now he loves to chase them. They aren't as annoying as raccoons though.

Zoanna said...

"Blessed Be the Name" is a GREAT choice. I love that song and have never tired of it. Poor squirrels. Their lives go zip, zap, zilch, just like that when they get close to hot wires.

Barbara Thompson said...

I loved all your answers, but I believe I'm terribly spoiled. I hate to be without electricity and water.