Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Splashing in the Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's something people might ask you for help with?

Proofing and editing. I've done several things for our church or for friends.

2. What's something you might ask someone else for help with?

Anything crafty or decorative.

3. Did your family take summer vacations when you were a child? If so, where did you go? If you're a parent, did/do you plan summer vacations with your own family? Did/do they resemble those you took as a child?

Rarely. By the time I was old enough to remember them, my older siblings had summer jobs. I vaguely remember one when I was about four or five years old, and the next one was when I was around 12 and we went to Colorado.

4. Pool-lake-ocean...which one is most appealing to you on a hot summer day?

Porch. I get a migraine if I'm out in the sun for very long. I love to be near the lake or the ocean but not actually out in the heat.

5. Have you ever justified using the expression, 'you gotta be cruel to be kind'? Was it really necessary or were you rationalizing?

I have never used that expression in my life and don't recall even hearing it before.

6. The Journal of Psychology recently mentioned the results of a survey identifying the ten most hated foods as-liver, lima beans, mayonnaise, mushrooms, eggs, okra, beets, brussel sprouts, tuna, and gelatin. Of those foods, how many do you actually hate? Anything you'd add to the list?

I agree with lima beans, mushrooms, beets, and brussel sprouts. The rest are fine. I would add olives and any wild game to that list.

7. What's your favorite book or movie set in a beach or lake town?

You'd think as many books as I read that I would have a quick answer but I can't think of any of my favorites or the classics, nor any of the great movies that I love, that are set here. Tomorrow I'll probably see an answer somewhere and think "duh!"

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I finally got a watermelon the other day. Pure summer deliciousness. Summer fruits are the best!


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Joyce said...

I have been living on watermelon lately. It's been so steamy here so sometimes I just have watermelon for lunch. One of my favorite foods!

Jill said...

I can't seem to get enough watermelon lately! I also get people asking for my help with proofing and editing, although they don't always appreciate it later. : ) And I have to ask for help with anything crafty.

Cathy said...

I've had some watermelon already too and it was delicious. Hoping to have some more soon.

bp said...

I haven't had a watermelon yet this summer. We've bought several cantaloupe and they've been so good!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I haven't had a watermelon yet this summer but homegrown watermelons should be ripening soon - and I cannot wait. I LOVE watermelon!

LynnMarie said...

Watermellon is one fruti that we don't have long in this house, everyone eates it right up! It screams summer doesn't it? You sure have read a lot of books!!

Nonnie said...

I need to buy a watermelon for my DH. He loves it.