Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Exploring the Hodgepodge

1. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the 2013 word of the year is 'selfie'. Your thoughts? When did you last take a selfie? Do you post them online somewhere? Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind the lens?

I can't even begin to say how much I cringe at this word. The whole focus on "self" just grates on my nerves! Now, I do have to say that on Monday, I took a pic of myself with a new friend to send it to my girl and another mutual friend to prove that we had met! It's a long story how it all came about. But I just texted the pic to those two, and I didn't post it online. As a rule, I don't care for pictures of myself, although I realized at one point when my kids were little that there were an awful lot of pics of them with Daddy and precious few of them with me.

2. Will you send out Christmas cards this year? If so, are they ready to go? If not, are you glad or sad about leaving that tradition behind?

Last year was the first time, probably since I was about ten years old, that I didn't send any Christmas cards, which for the last ten years or so have included a Christmas poem. There was just too much going on, and that was the thing that had to give. I love sending Christmas cards but I think that tradition is going to be set aside this year as well. Makes me sad but there is only so much of me to go around.

3. Do you trust easily?

Not completely. I'm along the lines of Ronald Reagan: "trust but verify!"

4. Pine-cinnamon-peppermint-vanilla (as in sugar cookie)...of those listed, which one is your favorite December scent?

In the house, I prefer cinnamon. In my coffee and chocolate, I'm a peppermint girl, hands down!

5. Did you do more talking or more listening yesterday? Was that by choice or necessity?

It was probably a toss-up. When I'm at work I do quite a bit of both.

6. What's the last song that got stuck in your head? Sorry if it's back there now :)

It's tempting to stick my fingers in my ears and ignore this question! LOL But I actually had a song I really liked stuck in my head last week. I have been totally obsessed by Never Once by One Sonic Society. (Matt Redman also sang it and cowrote it). Here's the story behind the song and just enough to get it stuck on YOUR brain!

7. Which world explorer (in the whole history of the world) would you most like to have traveled with, and why?

None. People who explored the world "way back when" had horrific conditions to travel in, unknown futures, and lots of obstacles. I'll pass!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Now I want a peppermint mocha. Thanks, Joyce!


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Cathy said...

I agree on the explorers. I like my comfort way too much.

Nonnie said...

Never Once is one of my favorite songs, too. I keep a journal of the wonderful ways God has been faithful over the years because reading it during the bad times helps me remember that He was with me in the past and always will be.
I love peppermint mocha! Yum.
And the selfie? I explained in my answers that I take them sometimes with the grandkids because Grandpa just doesn't think about taking pics and otherwise, I wouldn't have any pics of me with them.

Joyce said...

And you can listen to Never Once while you sip that peppermint mocha : )

Mary Lou said...

Thanks for the song...went and listened to the whole is awesome...have to learn it. Thanks is a blessing.