Friday, March 28, 2014

Look What I've Got!

I am so excited to hold in my hands the very latest from Tamera Alexander, A Beauty So Rare! I have been eagerly anticipating this book since I closed the pages on her first Belmont Mansion novel, A Lasting Impression. Unfortunately, Tammy doesn't write as quickly as I read. (What's up with that?! LOL) And of course, there was that other phenomenal novel which she released last year between the two, To Whisper Her Name, the first in the Belle Meade Plantation series. These two series will intertwine, not only in their release dates, but in some common characters, as the real-life owners of the two plantations knew each other. However, each book will stand alone and can be read apart from their respective series. (Although why anyone would ever miss one of Tammy's novels is, quite frankly, beyond my comprehensions!)

But I digress. With my girl's spring break winding down and after sending her off to visit a friend, I began reading A Beauty So Rare last night, and oh! I wish I didn't have to work the next three days! I wanted to stay up all night and read!

Just to whet your appetite, here's a sneak peek for you, an excerpt from this engrossing novel which features Eleanor Braddock, niece of Belmont Mansion owner Adelicia Acklen, and Archduke Marcus Gottfried.

Click the title to read an excerpt of A Beauty So Rare!

And if you missed it when I shared it a week or two ago, here is the trailer for the story!

Be watching for my review, coming soon, which will include a giveaway!


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