Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Springing into the Hodgepodge

1. Thursday marks the first day of celebrate would you rather plant a garden or go for a walk in the woods? Would either of those activities be possible on Thursday where you live?

Go for a walk. And yes, here in Texas either of those activities would be possible weather-wise. However, I'll be at work, so I'll barely see the sun.

2. When did someone last spring something on you? (or when did you last spring something on someone?)

Happens all the time at work!

3. We often think of spring as a time for new beginnings. What's something you'd like to start doing this spring?

Sleeping more. LOL

4. Where do you like to sit in a movie theatre? When did you last sit there, and what were you watching?

Just a bit closer than half-way. My girl and I were closer than that but the last movie I saw was Saving Mr. Banks. Loved it.

5. When you meet someone for the very first time, what do you want them to think about you?

Assuming this is a social context, I generally hope they would think I'm someone they would like to get to know better.

6. March is frozen food month (yes, really!). Besides ice cream (gotta make you think a little) what's your most often purchased frozen food item?

Frozen broccoli. Or if my boy is home, frozen waffles.

7. What's something you avoid?


8. Insert your own random thought here.

My girl comes home for spring break Friday! And my schedule has worked out that I'll have several days off with her. Can't wait!


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Cathy said...

Loved "Saving Mr. Banks"!

Hope you have a great time with your daughter.

bp said...

Enjoy the time with your daughter

Cranberry Morning said...

Made me laugh when I read that you try to avoid 'pain.' I think most of us do. LOL I'm glad to hear that you liked 'Saving Mr. Banks.' I didn't get to the theater to watch it, but am more eager now to see it when it's on Netflix of Acorn..

Enjoy the time with your daughter. Nothing better.

A Joyful Chaos said...

I'd love to be able to start sleeping longer! This spring time change doesn't really help.

retired not tired said...

Enjoy your time off with your daughter. Our spring break was last week.

tammy doane said...

Enjoy daughter time.

Joyce said...

I"m glad you'll get to enjoy some time off while your daughter is home. College kids generally want more sleep too so maybe you'll both get to refill the tank : )