Saturday, July 12, 2014

Operation Zulu - Collateral Damage: SNEAK PEEK!

Have you downloaded your FREE copy of Operation Zulu Redemption: Overkill - The Beginning yet? (My review of Overkill is here.) You do NOT want to miss the latest adrenaline-laced thriller from Ronie Kendig! Operation Zulu Redemption is a serialized e-series that will release in four installments. The full series is the length of TWO full-length novels! The prologue/introduction is FREE, and Collateral Dammage - Part 1 will release NEXT FRIDAY, 7/18!

Ronie is giving us a sneak peak into Collateral Damage below. Brace yourselves, then RUSH to preorder!

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
2 May – 2200 Hours

Unforgiving branches dragged their gnarled, sharp fingers against her cheek. She winced at the slice of pain but plowed onward. Through the brush. Deeper into the darkness and shadows. Fighting branches, fallen limbs, stumps, and her rancid fear. She shoved a branch aside. A green, monochromatic hue guided her. The specter of darkness stole into the mountains, draping the thick, hilly foliage in a blanket of fog.

Three minutes. She just needed three minutes.

Nuala King plunged on, focused on one goal—getting to her spot. Ignored the shouts back at the remote lodge. Shots rang through the still, oppressive night. She refused to allow herself to think about what was happening back there. Whether Coleman Carson would survive the two men who’d shown up at the lodge, acting like hikers lost in the mountains. If the men were both butchers and rapists—would Sonja survive unscathed?

Nuala knew better. So did Coleman, which is why he’d been reaching for his gun beneath the counter as soon as the men shut the door. They’d seen enough hikers and trackers to know the difference.

And she had seen enough special ops soldiers to recognize one. Or in this case, two.

She sailed over a fallen oak. Hit the ground and kept moving liked a seasoned runner. Upward and to the east. She’d done it a million times. Could do it blindfolded, although she’d really rather not. Dark with NVGs made it tough enough.

Each step rammed her heart farther up her throat, strangling oxygen from her. She was getting closer, but if the snapping branches and shouts were any indication, so were the assassins.

Bark and leaves exploded twelve inches to her left.

Biting back an expletive, Nuala ducked and threw herself right. Didn’t slow as she zigzagged through the green-bathed terrain. A pair of eerie gold eyes popped up as an animal—Deer? Big cat?—lifted its head. Bolted in the other direction.

Breathing hard now, Nuala dove through the brush and weaved through a thick copse of pines, allowing the craggy fingers to trace her path. Pushing through the dense foliage slowed her a little but also hid the path she’d taken in the dense litter. As she ran, the slight incline of the hill weighed on her endurance. Altitude pressed on her lungs. But she kept going.

Run or die.

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Ronie Kendig said...

Thank you for sharing this sneak peek, Linda!!

Necee L said...

Can't wait! What a great sneak peak!!! Great series...a must read

Rel said...

Soooo exciting, Linda, isn't it? Readers are in for such a treat! Thanks so very much for sharing this :)