Monday, April 13, 2009

Needed: Some Resurrection Power

A great song from the musical Oklahoma! has been going through my mind repeatedly:

Poor Jud is dead
Poor Jud Fry is dead
All gather round his coffin now and cry
He had a heart of gold
And he wasn't very old
Oh why did such a feller have to die?

Unfortunately, 'tisn't poor Jud Fry that I'm mourning. It's my laptop. I've been without it for over a week now.

Twitching and hyperventilating? My man, computer doctor extraordinaire, has done extensive surgery on it. Replaced the hard drive. Updated a kabillion things. All to no avail. Finally had to call in the big guns, aka Dell Customer Service, which used to be a few miles down the road but is now in a land far, far away. Or the call center is anyway. I still think my man knew more than the person on the other end. But they sent us a coffin box and I took it to Fed Ex Friday and sent it off for repairs. It will be 6-10 days before it's returned. Unfortunately, being the pessimist experienced realist that he is, my man suspects from the conversation that the part they are planning to replace isn't the problem. So we may be doing this again.

Meanwhile, I am trying to blog from other desktops in the house which are not set up for what I do, not to mention the fact that all my pics and documents are saved on the old hard drive.

And the chairs for desktop PCs are not nearly as comfy as the recliner in my little nook!

Sigh. I may even have to resort to doing this:

I'm doing my best to keep up with some posting and I have some great books to give away, so keep checking back. But if I don't get over to your blog as often, please don't take it personally. I tried 3 times from my man's PC to comment on a blog earlier and finally gave up.

I can do this I'm not addicted I can do this I'm not addicted I can do this I'm not addicted. . . .


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Kelly @ Love Well said...

You poor thing. As you know, I can sympathize. (Maybe that's why I got the malware last week. So I could encourage you in your troubles, as a Christian sister should.)

I ended up wiping my hard drive and reinstalling Windows this weekend. Which was a chore. But it worked. Hopefully, your baby will make it back healed and whole too.

In the meantime, enjoy your free time. (I found breathing into a paper bag helped.)

Unknown said...

I was wondering why I hadn't "seen" you! I feel for you. I got twitchy just reading this post. Our desktop had to go to the doctor a while back and I was so scared I'd lose everything on it. Phew I didn't!

(BTW, the name of our sermon yesterday was Resurrection Power!)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Pesky addictions! I mean obsessions, uh...I mean hobbies. Maybe the 30x5 will become your new hobby!


Unknown said...

Poor you. I can't imagine - because I am addicted. *grin* GOOD LUCK!

Less time blogging means more time to do your "30."

sara said...

denial is a tough road!!! Just say it...."Hi my name is Linda and I am addicted!!" :)

Hope it gets fixed soon!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I shall not take silence personally because I am struggling to make the reading/commenting rounds. I hope all of your troubles work out immediately. Glad you're totally, 100% in on Phase 2 of the 30 x 5. Because I said so.

your loving duck collector said...

But you are using my wonderful computer! I don't see what is so wrong with that...I mean I am sorry about your "loss."