Friday, May 1, 2009

They MAY Drive Me Crazy!

How appropriate that today is May Day, for "Mayday!" seems to be the perspective of the media, school systems, and government.

Could someone please help them do the math?!

Currently, the US population is estimated to be 306,331,120. Yesterday there were 109 confirmed cases of the swine H1N1 flu in this country. According to my calculations, that is .000036%. It gets even "better" on a global scale: 331 cases worldwide divided by population of 6,777,005,813 equals .000000046 (.0000046%)!

I read that Ft. Worth closed their entire district of 80,0000 students because 1 student (.00125%) had the flu. So next winter, when my kids get a stomach bug or tell me 3 or 4 kids in their class are out with strep throat, I can expect the schools to be shut down?

Around here, school is still in session, but only for class. Every extracurricular activity, club meeting, field trip or other event (including outdoor track meets!) have been cancelled until at least May 11.

I don't have to tell you what calendars generally look like this time of year. Explain to an 8th grader why something she's looked forward to for the entire year is suddenly canceled by the schools that are supposed to be teaching her math, reason and logic.

There was a traffic fatality in our city this morning. They didn't shut down every freeway and street in the state or even the city.

I'm going to back away slowly from my soapbox now. And here's a song for the day which I think they must be singing in decision-making meetings - "That darling month when ev'ryone throws Self-control away."

Happy May!


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Liz said...

Finally, a voice of reason. Thank you very much.

Suzanne said...

Happy May Day, Linda! Today is my daughter's 21st b-day...I am going to send her your Julie Andrews youtube! ~Suzanne

sara said...

Amen! You just stay right on that soap box b/c this is crazy!!!

Beverlydru said...

You said it! I just saw this quote and thought of you:
"The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man
who can't read them."
-Mark Twain

Thank God for books. I'm going to go read. ; )

A Stone Gatherer said...

I so hear you! Try to explain to a 12 year old that he can't trust what the news is saying! They are sensationalizing (is that a word?)) everything! People have to use reason and common sense! I love the stats you used! Maybe someone should send that to the news and school systems!

Mel said...

i think i will give you a podium for your soapbox...common sense is sorely lacking...

do i think it is being handled badly yes, but it is also not a catastrophe.

♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin said...

oh my goodness. About time someone was brave enough to say just that. I have been thinking it but keep thinking there must be something about it that I have been missing. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had to vent about this. My son's baseball games are canceled (in the open outdoors), but my daughter's youth event with 200 folks from miles around is still on. Something doesn't quite make sense there...

Kay Day said...

I agree. I've been spouting perspective right and left. I understand they don't know what it's going to look like. But really, the death rate is much lower than they previously thought. And they previously thought it was a whopping .00018 percent of Mexico's population.

It doesn't look to be any worse than the seasonal flu. I feel bad for all the people who are so afraid.

Heidi said...

Thank you for the stats and especially for using H1N1 instead of the other name for it- the poor, poor pig farmers- they're just trying to make a living too.

By the way, I'm new and trying to make some friends- 2nd cup lid's site seems to point me towards so many very cool bloggers, of which you are definately one. I dream of the day that my blog has its own trademark or even a pic!

Stop in sometime and say hello.

My ADHD Me said...

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Last year it was staph.
The year before it was meningitis.

We haven't had any closings but have received the pamphlets, letters home etc AND of course the media is loving every minute.

I loved your analogy about closing the school because of the traffic accident.

Uh oh...I just cleared my throat. I better quaranteen my neighborhood!

Lisa Spence said...

Rant on, sister. I don't understand how canceling school a day or postponing athletic events prevents the flu? But, in one way I was glad: I didn't have to pull double duty this past weekend, shuffling back and forth from basketball tournament to cycling race and back to basketball. Just cycling. And that was enough.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

OH don't even get me started.