Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guess Who I Saw in Germany!

Hello from Germany! My girl and I are having a great time. Jet lag was not as bad as it could have been and I already feel pretty normal.

Among our stops while we were out and about today, we went into a small Christian bookstore, at my request. I just couldn't resist the opportunity to "visit" a few friends. And sure enough, look who I found hanging out on the shelves!

Tamera Alexander

Tracie Peterson

Susan Meissner and Allison Pittman

Deborah Raney

Deeanne Gist

Kim Vogel Sawyer

Angela Hunt

Sarah Sundin

Julie Klassen

James Rubart

There were a number of others that I didn't take picture of: Siri Mitchell, Cathy Marie Hake, Karen Witemeyer, Lynn Austin, Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury, and more.

The woman working at the store spoke English and we enjoyed chatting. (I wonder if, by telling her that I knew some of the authors personally, she now thinks Christian authors in the USA live near one another!) It was also cool telling her about a few of the recent Christy winners and which books to watch for in the months to come!

I'm sure no one is surprised that I had to buy a book for a souvenir! GG's mom asked, "What will you do with that? You can't read it!" I told her it was going on the shelf next to that author's other books!


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Beth said...

How fun to be able to walk into the bookstore and see something familiar! Have a great time.

pol said...

That is fantastic, I see all my fav authors on those shelves, enjoy your trip....
Paula O

Julia said...

Wow, so cool. Enjoy Germany!