Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sarah's Choice

Sarah's Choice
Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue
(Thomas Nelson)
ISBN: 978-1401689247
May 2014/320 pages/$15.99

Only one thing stands in the way of Sarah's success . . . her unborn baby.

Sarah Collins is about to receive a promotion that will give her everything she's ever wanted: a huge pay increase, a new car, a fabulous apartment, and first-class travel.

But then she discovers she's pregnant. And while she thinks she loves her boyfriend, Matt, she isn't sure he's mature enough to be a responsible father. And the job she's pursuing is open only because the previous employee is out on maternity leave. She'd never be able to handle the travel as a single mom.

Torn between advice from her coworkers, the adamant insistence of her mother and sister that she keep the baby, her insecurity about her relationship with Matt, and the void where her father should be, Sarah has no idea how to make this decision.

A Christmas card from a mysterious old woman is the catalyst for three visions of her future—and may just be the miracle she needs. But can she trust the visions? Are they the yearnings of a conflicted heart? Or are they true visions from the God she thought had turned his back on her?

For every woman who has made painful decisions, Sarah's Choice offers comfort, wisdom, and hope.


Rebecca St. James is a Grammy and Dove Award recipient and a best-selling author whose books include Wait for Me and What Is He Thinking? Her leading role in the film Sarah’s Choice won critical acclaim. A passionate spokesperson for Compassion International, more than 30,000 children have found sponsorship through her worldwide concerts. Twitter: @RebeccaStJames Facebook: RSJames

Nancy Rue is the best-selling author of more than 100 books for teens, tweens, and adults, two of which have won Christy Awards. Nancy is also a popular speaker and radio guest due to her expertise in tween, teen, and young women's issues. She and her husband, Jim, have raised a daughter of their own and now share their Tennessee lake home with two yellow labs. Website: Twitter: @NNRue Facebook: nnrue


I bought this book earlier in the summer when I was swamped with other reviews and finally got a chance to read it the other day. It was worth waiting for, as I knew it would be. Anything written by Nancy Rue is a must-read for me! She has teamed up with award-winning singer and author Rebecca St. James to write books which tackle issues facing young women and the result is a compelling story. Older teens and twenty-somethings will connect with Sarah and the eclectic group of characters within this novel and, whether they are facing a similar crossroads or perhaps have chosen unwisely in the past, they will find wisdom and grace within its pages. My one slight disappointment (and I recognize that one novel can only do so much) is that the focus of regret seems to be the inopportune pregnancy, not the conviction that what led to the pregnancy was sin. (Minimal spoiler/soapbox alert) Late in the book, when Sarah's Choice has been made, Matt flops on Sarah's bed for a nap and she snuggles up next to him, which for me was an indication that the root of the issue had not been dealt with. How easy it is to grieve over consequences and "getting caught" than over sin itself. Overall, though, I recommend this book and hope it will help young women in a situation similar to Sarah's make the best choices for the precious lives they carry within.


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