Sunday, August 17, 2008

Celebrating YOU!

Friendship is one of God's sweetest gifts.

If anyone had told me when I tentatively started this blog back in January what blessings of friendship would come my way, I would not have believed them. After all, how can you bond with someone you have never met over the written word?

Of course, I have since learned that it is not only possible, but it is a reality! The foundation, obviously, is not just the written word, but the Word! God's Spirit transcends the boundaries to unite believers, whether across town, across the country, or across the globe.

Recently I have been blessed by a couple of awards that celebrate friendship. Peggy always leaves an encouraging comment on my Then Sings My Soul Saturday post. And Kim has touched my heart with her posts and with her sweet and encouraging comments on my blog. Thanks to both of these ladies for honoring me with friendship and with these awards!

If you have visited my blog and left an encouraging comment, I'd like to pass this award to YOU! It's a joy to "meet" gals from all over that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. I would also like to specifically pass it along to some very special ladies:

Lisa The Preacher's Wife - before I even had a blog and was just a reader, I got to know Lisa through hers. We emailed a couple of times, and the rest, as they say, is history! I cannot wait to meet her in person and hug her sweet neck at the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio this next weekend!

Xandra - She was one of the first ones to offer the hand of friendship and to tell me that my blog encouraged her. We met a couple of times this summer when I was down in her neck of the woods, and the time just flew. I am so excited that we get to spend the entire weekend together in San Antonio!

Lid Linda - She is my clone in Indiana. We were born within a year of each other relatively late in our moms' lives (for the 1960's) and with lots of similarities, even down to the way we mis-type our name. Except she is a big-time blogger who has famous people and large quantities of people read her blog -- yet she still takes time to be a friend to me. Although she almost didn't get this award when I found out she doesn't like musicals!

Kelly - Although I'm sure she's only friends with me because I thought she was 10 years younger than she is, we've bonded over Chick-fil-A, laughter, and her baby whose picture is in the dictionary next to the word "adorable."

Chris - She has 5 kids; I have 2. She's a pastor's wife; my man's an engineer. On the surface we don't have a whole lot in common. But somehow (that would be the Holy Spirit!) our hearts connected and I'm glad she's back to blogging a bit after her very busy summer.

I could go on and on all through my blog roll. You each bless me more than you know!

Blog friendship is on my mind as the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio quickly approaches. It's going to be fun to meet the people behind the blogs. But I'm going to be missing many of you! How I wish we could all be together!

So, here's a song for all of you for a mini-Siesta Fiesta! This Point of Grace song completely expresses how I feel about you.


We were made to love and be loved
But the price this world demands will cost you far too much
I spent so many lonely years just trying to fit in
Now I’ve found a place in this circle of friends

In a circle of friends we have one Father
In a circle of friends we share this prayer
That every orphaned soul will know
And all will enter in
To the shelter of this circle of friends

If you weep, I will weep with you
If you sing for joy the rest of us will lift our voices too
But no matter what you feel inside there’s no need to pretend
That’s the way it is in this circle of friends

In a circle of friends
We have one Father
In a circle of friends we share this prayer
That we’ll gather together no matter how the highway bends
I will not lose this circle of friends

Among the nations, tribes and tongues we have sisters and brothers
And when we meet in heaven we will recognize each other
With joy so deep and love so sweet
Oh we’ll celebrate these friends
And a life that never ends

In a circle of friends
We have one Father
In a circle of friends
We share this prayer
That it will not be long before
All will enter in
To the shelter of this circle of friends

That it will not be long before
All will enter in
To the shelter of this circle of friends

Thanks for being my circle of friends!


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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

If we were Sweet-N-Low, you would be the sweet and I would be the low. I'm humbled and happy to be your friend! Even if you like musicals!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I am honored to be a part of your circle of friends. I can't believe how much I have gotten to know you in recent months, and I'm eagerly anticipating our trip to San Antonio!!!


Anonymous said...

That's a great song!

I sang it at church for UMW Sunday two years ago. (In the Methodist Church the women are called UMW (United Methodist Women) and the small groups are called "Circles.")

Perfect song for the occasion.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I'm so happy I made your buddy list. You are certainly on top of mine! I just can't tell you how excited I am to hug you in S. Antonio! I hope you don't discover what a disorganized flake I really am and run away. :))

Love you!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

That is the sweetest thing, Linda. THANK YOU!

I can't believe I'll miss meeting you (among others) this weekend in San Antonio. Sigh. Maybe next year.

Lisa writes... said...

Distinction well deserved!

Have fun hanging out with the other blog girls!