Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mind Matters

I got such a kick out of The Preacher's Wife's brain results (she has one!) that I had to go check out the left brain/right brain test for myself!

Depending on how you look at it, I'm either well-balanced or a tortured, conflicted soul!

Linda, you are mildly left-hemisphere dominant while showing a slight preference for auditory processing. This overall combination seems to indicate a well-working blend of logic and judgment and organization, with sufficient intuition, perception and creativity to balance that dominance.

You will at times experience conflict between how you feel and what you think which will generally be resolved in favor of what you think. (Yep, some of those questions had more than one answer that I could have chosen, which drove me nuts!) You will find yourself interested in the practical applications of whatever material you have learned or whatever situation you face and will retain the ability to refine whatever knowledge you possess or aspects of whatever position you are in. (Amen! A high school math teacher used to laugh because every day I would ask "how is this used?")

By and large, you will orient yourself toward intellectual activities and structure. Though not rigid, you will schedule yourself, plan, and focus on routine and continuity of operations, rather than on changes and disruptions. (Gotta have a plan! And there may be some raised eyebrows among my friends to hear I'm not rigid!)

When changes or disruptions occur, you are likely to consider first how to ensure that such disruptions do (They must be testing my rigidity with disruptions, because it drives me nuts that this sentence wasn't completed!) The same balance is reflected in your sensory preference. You will tend to be reflective and measured in your interaction style. For the most part, you will be considered objective without being cold and goal-oriented while retaining the capacity to listen to others.

Preferentially you learn by listening and maintaining significant internal dialogues with yourself. (Internal dialogues - hilarious! I do that all the time!)Nevertheless, you have sufficient visualization capabilities to benefit from using graphs, charts, doodles, or even body movement to enhance your comprehension and memory.

To the extent that you are even implicitly aware of your hemispheric dominance and sensory style, you will feel most comfortable in those arenas which emphasize verbal skills and logic. Teaching, law, and science are those that stand out among the professions, along with technical sales and management.

Guess I'll be singing with Hannah:

You get the best of both worlds
Mix it all together and you know that it's the best of both
You know the best of both worlds

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you are!


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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh I love it!! Aren't these tests just freakishly accurate? Luke laughed his tail off when I showed him mine and then tried to act like he didn't agree with the parts that said what a flake I am

Anonymous said...

Hey friend, I am so trying this when I get the chance. Just popping in to say hi. Check out my blog for a short update on where I've been.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

OK...I saw this on Lisa's blog and didn't have time to pursue it. Now I see I willbe forced to do it....LOL!


CandaceCalvert said...

Apparently I am slightly Right Brained and Visual. Hmmm. If you are slightly Left Brained and Auditory . . . maybe we could team up and make our way through the maze?? Kind of like when you tie your legs together for one of those three-legged races? ;-)

Interesting, Linda--thanks for the fun!


Vern ~ Inspired said...

That is funny!

I might have to take that test myself!

Enjoyed your blog!