Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Idol Frustrations

About 3-4 years ago the children's ministry at our church did a darling musical, called Good Kings Come in Small Packages, which is the story of Josiah. My girl was in middle school and helped with the kids and props. An area church is doing a musical mini-camp this week and their kids will perform it Thursday night. We know the woman who is directing it, and when she found out that my girl was familiar with the musical, she immediately recruited her to help this week.

(Rabbit Trail: One of the cutest songs from the musical is the Tax Collectors' Song. The 3 who parade around singing "We want your money, money for the treasury" are Irippoff, Rakeidin and Uncle Sam. As they finish the song, they repeat their names, turning around one by one so you can see their individual initials on each one's back: I R S.)

My girl is working with the kids who have solos and other miscellaneous things. And she's getting to do a brief non-speaking part, that of Baal. Although the boy who had that role in our church's production is the same age as my girl, that was several years ago and the skirt doesn't fit. Plus, the guy was able to be shirtless, which is obviously not an option for my girl.

So I'm scrambling to make a simple tunic "dress" out of some shimmery gold fabric. And we need to get gold body and hair paint to complete her transformation into an idol.

Of course, today and tomorrow my boy has an oral surgery procedure, I have a haircut and a doctor's appointment, and my girl has piano lessons (and the camp runs 9:00-1:00). And the theatrical/costume shop that has the paint is about 30 minutes on the opposite side of town.

Which brings me to two conclusions:
1. There are practical, as well as spiritual, reasons for the "no graven images" and "no other gods" commandments.
2. I need a wife.


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Andrea said...

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.

Janera Jepson said...

Hi Linda-
My name is Janera Jepson and I host the new Wednesday meme Wednesday Wickedness (http://jjatww.blogspot.com). Don't let the name throw you. We are a family oriented meme that's similar to Linda's Random Dozen. We base our questions each week on quotes from someone famous. This week is Frank Sinatra. Since Linda is taking time off I thought I'd invite you to play during the hiatus. We always post on Tuesdays (we're up now!) so players can play on either day. We hope that you will join us! :)


Let'sMakeADifference said...

I LOVE the post!! I want a wife too....I LOVE that... I can't stop smiling ...thanks..