Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How Should a King Come?

I have been looking for this song ever since I started blogging. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs from a choir presentation. It is such fun to sing, and I love the words--the contrast of what is expected vs. what happened. And that line in the last section: "Earth was silent so heaven rang." I'm not overly thrilled with the pictures on this video - most of them don't particularly match the words - so I'm putting the words below the video son you can follow along.

"How should a King come?
Even a child knows the answer of course,
In a coach of gold with a pure white horse.
In the beautiful city in the prime of the day,
And the trumpets should cry and the crowds make way.
And the flags fly high in the morning sun,
And the people all cheer for the sovereign one.
And everyone knows that's the way that it's done.
That's the way that a King should come.

How should a King come?
Even a commoner understands,
He should come for His treasures,
And His houses and lands.
He should dine upon summer strawberries and milk,
And sleep upon bedclothes of satin and silk.
And high on a hill His castle should glow,
With the lights of the city like jewels below.
And everyone knows that's the way that it's done,
That's the way that a King should come.

How should a King come?
On a star filled night into Bethlehem,
Rode a weary woman and a worried man.
And the only sound in the cobblestone street,
Was the shuffle and the ring of their donkey's feet.
And a King lay hid in a virgin's womb,
And there were no crowds to see Him come.
At last in a barn in a manger of hay,
He came and God incarnate lay.

And the angels cried "Glory! Glory to God!"
Earth was silent so heaven rang,
"Glory! Glory to God."
Men were dumb so the angels sang,
"Glory! Glory to God,
Peace on earth good will to men,
Glory! Glory to God!
Christ is born in Bethlehem!
Glory to God, Glory in the highest,
Glory to God, Glory in the highest,
Glory to God!


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Karen said...

This song is new to me. I love the message! Merry Christmas

Diana said...

Love it!!! Have a blessed Tuesday...

Nanato4 said...

I haven't heard that song before, but I love it ... the message is so powerful.

quilly said...

This song is beautiful -- words and music and story! I love it! How is it I have never heard it before? Thank you for sharing -- now, where can I find it to purchase?!


I have never heard that song. I loved the words. Have a blessed day who does the song so I can get it.