Saturday, December 18, 2010

TSMSS - A New One and a Classic

I don't know how I've missed this song until now. I'd never heard it until I was looking up songs to post here. Absolutely beautiful.

And it's not Christmas until I hear this song. . .

I'll be posting several other songs over the next week, so come back and visit when you have a moment!


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Cathy said...

I've never heard that first one. But what "Mystery" it is that God created us knowing he would then have to die to save us. Praise you Jesus!

I love that second song and the movie portrayed in the video!

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Genuine Cuisine said...

I love the song you posted. Merry Christmas.

By way, I wanted to add your blog to mine. God bless!

Hazel said...

I love Selah but I haven't heard Mystery before. Thanks for sharing it. O Come, O Come Emmanuel is beautiful! Strong voices, powerful message, compelling images - I love it!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Love your song choices today!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Pia said...

it really is Christmas already. love the song!

Michelle said...

This is my first time hearing `Mystery`. Beautiful!
God predestined that His Son would dies, yet He still created man.

Lisa notes... said...

Selah is one of my favorite groups to listen to, yet I own none of their CDs! I need to invest in their music. Thanks for sharing these two. I had never heard of Mystery. Both songs are beautiful.

Renee Ann said...

Those songs were beautiful! I'd never heard that first song before. What great lyrics!