Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Randy Alcorn Says Hi

On my first post from Atlanta Sunday, Diane in Oregon, commenting as DidLynltold me to "Go say hi to my friend, Randy Alcorn. He should be doing book signings and also a fiction panel thingy. I know he was awake and couldn't sleep last night, so hopefully he'll be awake for today. Praying for all of you at the convention. Have fun!"

I was intrigued but thought, "What are the chances of my having a personal encounter with Randy Alcorn?" I had briefly met him at the Expo in 2009 and subscribe to his blog, but had no illusions that I would just walk right up to him and have a conversation.


Many of the interviews are occurring in a media room with a number of tables for sitting and chatting as well as a refreshment area with water, coffee, and tea. Yesterday I was between interviews when in walks. . . Randy Alcorn! After putting his stuff down at the table with the man who was going to interview him, he walked over to get some coffee. So I grabbed one of my "business cards" that I had made with my blogger header and info and went to talk to him.

Oh my. What fun! Not only did he know exactly who Diane is, but he told me the history of the special relationship she has with his family. Then he took me over to show me his new book, We Shall See God: Spurgeon's Classic Devotional Thoughts on Heaven and showed me where Diane is listed in the acknowledgements. (He was even going to give me a copy but didn't have an extra one in his bag. He did give me another of his books.)

Then he said, "Let's take a picture so you can put it on your blog!" So I gave his interviewer my camera and Diane, here is Randy Alcorn saying "Hi"!!

I am having so much fun! There are some other incredible things happening too! Gotta go!


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Joyce said...

How fun! I'm going to look for his new book...sounds like something I'd like to read.

sara said...

up to this point, I have been so happy for you...now I am happy and jealous!!!!

Randy Alcorn is one of my most favorite authors and wrote my all time favorite book, Safely Home. When I finished the book, I was so moved I wrote him an email and was very surprised and pleased when he actually wrote me back!!!!

Debbie said...

Oh how fun! And meeting Randy Alcorn; wow. I read two of his books, "Safely Home" and "Heaven". "Heaven" was such a comfort to me after my mom died. He has a way with words and I love that he sounds like a very nice and gracious person.

Blessings and love,

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I guess I will have to add him to my must read list...I have never ready anything buy him....

Glad you are having a good time in Atlanta.

Cathy said...

Linda that is just too awesome! I'm not sure I've read any of his books. Guess if he's that nice, now I have another author to check out!

Hope you continue to have a great time!

DidiLyn said...

How fun is that? You made me smile, Linda.
I TOLD you I know him. :-)
He was probably super excited and envious when you told him you knew me, huh?
Enjoy your time!

skoots1mom said...

so tickled to hear you're having a great time! what a nice man he is...will have to add his work to my list ;)