Saturday, July 2, 2011

TSMSS - A Classic Revived

I have loved this song for years. I think it came out in the '70s and was sung by one of the groups that was popular back in the day, like Truth or Eternity or Continental Singers. When I first started looking for it on YouTube a few years ago, I couldn't find it. I'm thrilled that there are beginning to be some recordings of it. It's a wonderful song!

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Mary said...

I've never heard this song before. Thanks for posting! Have a happy, safe 4th!

Cathy said...

I've always loved this song too. I used to have the music and played and sang it all the time when no one was home. :)

Misty said...

Pretty songs, I really liked the video too!

Thanks for sharing,

Sara G said...

Never heard this song before, thanks for sharing with us! Have a wonderful 4th!