Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Hot-Podge!

From taking my boy to college to my girl turning 16 and starting her junior year in high school, this has been an emotional week for mom! I'm happy to kick back and relax with a bit of Hodgepodge! Although, as you'll understand when you read #8, I took a few liberties with the title!

1. What is something that bothers you if it's not done perfectly?


I do struggle with perfectionism in a lot of areas. Spelling and grammar are probably the ones that I'm the pickiest on, though. It especially makes me cringe to hear journalists, newscasters, etc. display their lack of polish in this area, and newspaper articles and headlines make me wonder if anyone even knows what a copy editor is or if they have ever seen a dictionary or style manual before.

Did I mention this is a big deal to me?!

2. Do you think a 6th sense exists? Explain.

I can't prove it, but my intuition tells me it does. (Who let the smart aleck on this blog today?!)

Sometimes it's the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it's just a gut feeling. It's hard to identify what contributes to it specifically - wisdom from past experiences? The ability to think even when we aren't consciously doing so?

3. Do you say your goodbyes slowly, quickly, or not at all?

It's all relative. Literally. I come from a family of slow good-bye-ers and married a family of quick leavers, so I'm kinda in the middle now. I don't like dragging it out, but I don't just hop up and go, either.

4. On a scale of 1-10, with ten being hot hot hot, what level of spice do you like in your food? What's your favorite 'spicy' dish?

I guess I'd say a 5 or a 6. I still like to be able to taste the food. My man doesn't think it's hot enough unless it makes him sweat! Asking a Texan a favorite "spicy" dish? That's hard. I love Enchilada Suizas. (Cheese or chicken enchiladas with a sour cream sauce.) And chicken flautas.

5. What is one of your all time favorite commercial jingles?

Oh, you're going to get them all going in my mind. I knew them all when I was a kid.

I guess one of my favorites is this one:

6. Plane, train, boat or auto...your preferred method of travel?

If I'm by myself, I'd much rather fly if it's more than 3-4 hours. Otherwise, the car is fine.

7. What is something you take for granted?

I used to take cold water out of the tap for granted until this summer. And rain. Today we will break an 86-year-old record (we tied it yesterday): this will be the 70th day this year in triple digits. Those aren't consecutive days, but almost. We had only two days in July below 100 - both were 99 - and just one in August, when it "only" reached 97. They expect us to be well over 100 until after September 1. When we turn on our indoor cold water tap, the water just won't get cool. The pipes in the ground and the water tanks are just too hot. There's nothing like brushing your teeth with warm water, but at least there's still water coming out. We DESPERATELY need rain.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

For those of you who only visit on Wednesdays, you do not want to miss a couple of posts and giveaways from earlier this week. If you love the song Indescribable and if you've been blessed by the new song Blessings, don't miss my interview with songwriter and recording artist Laura Story. I promise you will be blessed. And you might win a copy of her CD! Also, I had the incredible privilege of meeting the mom of Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton in Atlanta and I have a review and giveaway of Cheri's book Raising A Soul Surfer!


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Joyce said...

I love the OM jingle...almost picked that one. Your hubs and mine could share a meal : )

Sorry you're still mid-heat wave. We are having much cooler temps but of course are expecting the hurricaine to give us nasty weather Sunday/Monday. We have had a wet summer. And spring. And winter. : )

Sherrie said...

The Oscar Myer jingles are cute. We tied our heat record this year. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Rebecca D said...

Wow... The water thing really got me... I do not envy you right now. I'm a cold weather girl as it is... And I need me some cold water to brush my teeth!

Expats Again said...

Agree with you about the water. A good reminder of what not to take for granted. Even water is a blessing.

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

So sorry to her that you're STILL experiencing hot weather and no rain. We are too ... but it's nothing compared to what you all are experiencing! :-(

Michelle said...

Your braver than I am when it comes to spicy.
I think I would top out at a 3.

I am so sorry your still experiencing such dreadful weather.
Praying for some rain coming your way soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, someone's sassy today! Loved your answer to #1! I completely agree with you. I think people are too rushed to bother looking up the correct way to say or write things. Sheesh. Take a little pride on the product you put out, for heaven's sake! :D

Amiee said...

I didn't know that about water! I will pray for rain for you. How miserable :/

It definitely sounds like you have had an emotional week! I don't handle my girls' "milestones" very well.