Friday, September 16, 2011

Mum's the Word

Next week is Homecoming.

This is the first year that's had any significant meaning in our house. We've been fortunate to escape until now. But my girl is a junior and thrives on all the fun activities that go along with this stage in live. And Homecoming means one thing in Texas.

Now before there was electricity thirty-plus years ago when I was in high school, this was a simple matter. If you had a date to Homecoming, your date ordered you a mum from the local florist. It was big and pretty but wearable. And you ordered him a boutonniere. It might be a bit larger than one, say, for the prom, but it certainly wouldn't have ribbons hanging down. I don't know - maybe some of the football players had garters but I never saw guys wear the "mini-mums" on their arms like you see today. And with exception of maybe the cheerleaders and drill team (that was the name back then of the dance team), no one had multiple corsages that I remember.

I'm not sure hot glue guns had been invented yet. Craft stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby were certainly not around. It never even occurred to anyone to make a mum.

But now.

My girl and some friends - both girls AND guys - are having a mum-making party tonight. When I took her to Michael's with two of the girls to get the supplies, I thought I was going to hyperventilate or break out in hives or something! I have long stated on this blog that glue guns, glitter, and crafts are evil. Give me something to alphabetize or a spreadsheet to organize data any day! It was overwhelming, to say the least. Ribbons for all the different schools and color-matching trinkets and gizmos and doodads - I don't even know what to call it all! My girl was sensible and is making relatively simple mums for the friends she has on her list, some of which are "little sisters" and such from orchestra, choir, etc., so the total wasn't bad.

But oh my. Just Googling for the picture that I put with this post and looking at what's out there that you can order?! I can't imagine making these things, and folks are paying around $200 for the giant ready-made mums! And the girls have to wear them with a cord like a necklace, and they still make their neck and shoulders ache!

Miscellaneous girls with ginormous mums,
 found on Google Images

I kept seeing reference to this being such a Texas tradition - do y'all have this in other parts of the country? Something tells me this is another thing that's bigger in Texas!


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sara said...

oh my word, when I saw your post on FB, I was thinking big....but that is beyond my imagination!!! I think it is a Texas thing...I have not seen anything like that in IN or AR....lucky you! :)


I teach high school and I know what you mean about the size of the mums...and all the bling that they add to them. My friends son bought one for his special girl when he was in the 9th grade....and the thing was bigger than her head. She could barely wear it. It seems today the bigger the better. Griefus!

bp said...

It is crazy how big they are and how much they cost too. We were at Michaels and I thought it was funny the row of stuff and special displays with all the mum making stuff.

That's a fun idea to have a mum- making party!

Joyce said...

Not in NJ...I don't really get it. Do they actually enjoy wearing those? I guess I'm very old fashioned in many ways : )

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I've never in my life seen such. The southern states often share traditions but this one has escaped me! We save all our flowers for decoration at the grave yards. :)

Kim said...


I'm glad I have boys! And that this tradition doesn't exist here to my knowledge. My boys would never have a date if it did! :)

Anonymous said...

It is definitely a
TEXAS thing Y'all.... we do love our traditions!

Texas Football Mom

Karin Brosnan said...

Hi there, I noticed you have a photo of mine on your is of the girls wearing their mums. Here is the original link could you link it to my post please.
Thanks so much,