Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What do you do at the first sign of a cold? Will you get a flu shot this year?

Start drinking orange juice, hot decaf tea, and other fluids. I usually get a flu shot when my kids get one.

2. What advice can you give about how to conquer fear?

Avoid the situation! If that's not possible, pray like crazy and just do it!

3. Share two good things about your life right now.

I have a home. With air conditioning! And I am loved by God, family, and friends.

4. A hot fall fashion trend in 2011 is a return to sixties style...tunics with pants, shift dresses, pencil skirts, cinched waists, bold prints, high necklines and short lengths to name a few. How does this fashion trend fit with your wardrobe and personal sense of style?

I didn't like the styles in the sixties the first time around and I'm not happy to see them come back! The only style listed that I would go for is the tunics and pants. And please tell me the psychedelic designs and weird color combos are not coming back!

5. Were you involved in scouting as a kid? How about as an adult?

I was a Bluebird for one year. (That's the Brownie equivalent of Camp Fire Girls.) Other than that, no scouts for us. We were too involved in church activities. I helped with my girl's Girl Scout troop. I was involved a bit in Cub Scouts because it's very family-oriented, but I left Boy Scouts to the guys. Sadly, too many moms get itoo nvolved in Boy Scouts and can't let those apron strings loose.

6. Apple, pear, plum, pumpkin...your favorite fall flavor?

Apple. With plenty of cinnamon, preferably in a pie or cobbler with a delightful crust. Warm, with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla on top. Calorie-free, of course!

7. What characteristics do you think are essential in a good teacher?

Love for the students and for teaching and learning. Patience. A sense of humor.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

This is not a picture of the dead of winter when snow is on the ground. This is what used to be beautiful Bastrop State Park, filled with pine trees. Now they are burned and ash covers the ground. All but 100 acres of the park's 6000 acres are burned or charred.

Bastrop State Park wildfire damage

In Bastrop County itself, more than 1500 homes were destroyed and 33,000 acres burned. The fire is now 70 percent contained. It is heartbreaking to see the devastation.

Only the driveways and rubble indicate that houses lined this street two weeks ago.

Please pray for Central Texas as folks begin the slow process of cleaning up and rebuilding.

Oh, and the temperature has been back over 100 ever day since Saturday.

Meanwhile, I see on the news that the Northeast is about to float away as a result of all of the flooding from the hurricane and tropical storm! Anybody want to mail me some rain?!


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Diana Ferguson said...

Still praying for rain! Maybe after today the temps will ease back down.....

Joyce said...

Oh that is such a sad sight. I am praying for Texas and those affected. We are in the 'float away' category. Yesterday was pretty and I hear the weekend is supposed to be nice but getting to the weekend is going to be soggy.

I had to laugh at your answer to was so specific : )

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Avoiding the situation is usually my first response to a fearful situation! ;-)

And I'm definitely with you on #6. Yummy! Although I've been ice-cream deprived all my life ... I've never had Blue Bell ice cream. But I've heard from enough people who have to know that it's DELICIOUS!

And those pictures - how heartbreaking. We finally got some rain overnight with cooler temperatures coming, and I'm praying that you all get some, too.

Cathy said...

Oh Linda...those pictures are so sad. I hope you get rain soon!

Michelle said...

I believe orange juice is a good remedy when we're sick. OJ and plenty of rest.
I don't get flu shots.

Our youngest son is working on his Eagle merit.
It's hard to believe how fast these years have gone.

Jerralea said...

I'm a lover of Blue Bell ice cream, too.

So sorry to hear of the devastation in your area. My area was flooded this year. Feast or famine, it seems ...

Monkey said...

:( about texas! I will be praying I live in AZ where it is constantly over 100 during the summer.

Amiee said...

Oh, those pictures are so very sad :( I will continue to pray for rain for your great state.

Mary said...

One of my aunts sent me pictures from that area. I saw on FB from a cousin that she had finally gotten some rain. She lives just north of Houston.