Friday, April 27, 2012

A Painful Lesson Births a Novel

Today I continue my series of author guest posts with a visit from Lillian Duncan, who shares the story behind her latest novel, Deception.

DECEPTION—The story that wouldn’t go away!
by Lillian Duncan

My latest novel, DECEPTION, was released in December 2011. And I’m soooooo excited about it. This is a book that just wouldn’t go away. I wrote it several years ago, but couldn’t find a publisher. I put it away and started working on something else but....the story nagged at me...pestered me...wouldn’t let me alone.

So, I started working on it again. Got some nibbles on the rewrite. More than nibbles, really—some editors and publishers were very interested. But again, the deal fell through. Uh..sigh...what’s a writer to do?

I put it away and started another project. But....again it wouldn’t let me alone. This story wouldn’t get out of my head and for a good reason.

I wrote it after the death of a dear friend that I was estranged with at the time. I’d always planned to reconnect with her—when the time was right. But I waited too long.

Lesson learned. It was a painful lesson.

What was the lesson?

In life, you aren’t guaranteed second chances.

So when an opportunity presents itself—you better take it. There may not be a second chance. Forgive the people you love and even the ones you don’t. Because again—there may not be a second chance. Go ahead and do those acts of kindness, mercy, and love when you get the opportunity. Because second chances aren’t guaranteed. Sometimes in life there aren’t do-overs.

So to say I was thrilled when DECEPTION was finally contracted was an understatement.

In DECEPTION, Patti is estranged from her twin sister. And with good reason, but as the story proceeds Patti comes to understand being right isn’t a good enough of a reason to be estranged from a loved one.

And I believe that’s why this story wouldn’t go away and leave me alone. There’s a message to be learned and I’m sure each of us have learned it or need to learn it. I’m hoping people will read DECEPTION and decide to reconnect with that friend or family member before it’s too late.

If one person reconnects with an estranged loved one, then I’ve succeeded. And that’s why I write stories of faith....mingled with murder and mayhem.

Lillian Duncan writes stories of faith mingled with murder and mayhem. To learn more about her writing and her books, visit her at website or blog. DECEPTION (published by HarbourLight Books) is her latest release and is available in paperback and as an e-book.

Disclaimer: I have not read Deception and therefore do not have an opinion on it. The views expressed in this guest post are those of the author, Lillian Duncan, and may or may not reflect the views of Mocha with Linda.


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