Saturday, April 7, 2012

TSMSS - Playing Games at the Foot of the Cross

I hadn't heard this song in years until it was played at the Good Friday service at my MIL's church last night. It's such a beautiful song with a great message. How easy it is to be horrified at the soldiers who cast lots for Jesus' clothing right there below Him as He was hanging on the cross for their sins -- yet how often do are we often found Playing Games at the Foot of the Cross?

At Easter it is always so hard for me to choose what to post because there are so many wonderful songs about the incredible sacrifice Christ made on our behalf. This is another song from last night's service that I hadn't heard in awhile.

Visit Amy's for more songs.

Blessings to you this holy Easter weekend. Come back tomorrow for a Resurrection celebration!


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Lisa notes... said...

Playing Games is a new song to me. Poignant...

collettakay said...

Have a blessed weekend!